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PlugFest is a dynamic area on the exhibit floor that highlights the Rapid Integration Innovation Process (RI2P) and demonstrates to government decision makers’ the best practices when sourcing open standard solutions.  Industry, academia, and government will have an opportunity to showcase their collaborate efforts to solve use cases in a competitive environment using the RI2P approach at TechNet Augusta 2014 in Augusta, GA, September 9-11.

A PlugFest is a demonstration of IT interoperability using pre-integrated standards based components, from a variety of providers, which run in open standards based run-time environments across a particular enterprise - - a Rapid Innovation Integration Platform. First, government, industry and/or academia subject matter experts (SMEs) develop the use cases. Second, the PlugFest Steering Committee publishes use cases, software development kits (SDK), incentives, and terms of competition. Third, technology providers (i.e., industry) collaborate with the SMEs to improve the use cases and identify technology solutions. Fourth, challengers (e.g., web/mobile application developers) collaborate to obtain the updated use cases and technology solutions to develop and implement interface RI2P solutions at the PlugFest Competition event. Lastly, government, industry and academic judges rank each challenger’s solutions and select a winner based on their ability to provide a software application that solves the use cases’ problem, leverages the technology stack, and collaborates with other challengers.

Application to participate in Plugfest


The Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE) and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) synergized to form the Special interest Group (SIG), with the mission to (1) design and continuously refine the Rapid Integration Innovation Process (RI2P); and (2) market RI2P via “PlugFest” to solve government information sharing problems.


PlugFest’s goals include, but are not limited to: 1) apply RI2P industrial best practices (agile, open standard, SOA, cloud, etc.) for enterprise information system development and deployment, as informed by the realistic constraints of the US government requirements and bureaucracy, 2) achieve the government’s requirements by leveraging off-the-shelf capabilities assembled according to commercial open standards and best practices, and 3) design a persistent, evolving Rapid Integration Innovation.


Opportunity to associate company’s brand with demonstrated collaborative agile development within a government-sanctioned environment.  Eventually, government aims to use process similar to PlugFest for source selection.  At minimum, potential future business opportunities will likely emerge as a result of demonstrated interoperability solutions. Gain insight into government’s problems and needed solutions. Technology providers have the opportunity to integrate and learn from industry partners and experts. Technology providers have the opportunity to share their solutions and skills with Government leadership in the booth. Opens the opportunity for small and large businesses to network with each other, the government, industry and academia.

PlugFest Sponsorship Information

Past Accomplishments

The 2012, 2013 and 2014 PlugFest events were successful on at least two levels: (1) capability assembled quickly, at no cost to the government, via open standards and agile methods, demonstrated value measured against critical use cases; and (2) the number of vendors participating and contributing pro bono resources to the RI2P SIG steadily increased after each event.

How can my company sign up to participate in as a Technology Provider? 

Submit email including technology capabilities and contact information to Eric Westreich at

Application to participate in Plugfest

Where can I obtain additional information?

1) Eric Westreich, 858-736-5718 mobile,

2) Andras Szakal, 703-943-3279,

3) Chris Gunderson, 831-224-5182,

Additional options to participate in the PlugFest Challenge:

1) Co-Sponsor PlugFest booth

2) Participate remotely by adding technology solution into the stack virtually

3) Sponsor award for brand recognition

(Note: Sponsorship costs vary from event to event.)

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