General Information


For nearly 75 years, companies that focus on special and gifted education have been participating in the CEC Convention and Expo.

Since 1937, the CEC Expo has grown to include more than 200 exhibiting companies, non-profits, and school systems, making it the world's leading expo of special education products and services. 

Companies that specialize in early childhood, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, response to intervention, technology, and other areas of special and gifted education, all have a place at the CEC Expo. 

Why Exhibit?

Ninety-four percent of CEC convention attendees visit the Expo Hall looking for the latest and greatest in special and gifted education products and services. This is your chance to meet and interact with teachers, administrators, faculty, university students, and current and prospective customers when you exhibit at the CEC 2017 Convention and Expo.

CEC Attendees...

  • Are extremely satisfied with the CEC expo experience (80%)
  • Make purchasing decisions (22%)
  • Influence purchasing decisions (53%)
  • Visit to learn about NEW products and services (85%)
  • Spend 2 hours of more in the expo (25%)
  • Look for new vendor contacts (38%)
  • Visit particular companies (37%)

Sponsorships Now Available

Interested in Sponsoring at CEC in April? Opportunities are now available. Read More.

Interested in Exhibiting or Sponsiring?

CEC 2017 will take place April 19- 22 in Boston, Massachussetts. For more information, please contact:

Bradley Eubank
Phone: 703-631-6200
Mike Mene
Phone: 703-631-6200
Colin Pennington
Phone: 703-631-6200