How to use A2Z - the Exhibitor Portal

Company Profile and Product Categories

Once you are logged in, click on EDIT BOOTH INFORMATION;  from there, you will be able to edit your company description

Online descriptions can be unlimited in size this year, but descriptions in the final program will be limited to fifty (50) words. Your company description will be posted online for attendees to see along with contact name, address, phone, and website.  You can also add five product categories.

Company profiles and categories will appear both online and in print.  Please note that any changes made after February 13th, 2017, will appear online only.


What is the difference between the print and online profile?

The online profile is the description that individuals see when clicking into your booth online.  This description can be unlimited in size and can be modified at anytime.  The print profile is the description that will appear in the 2016 CEC Convention Program.  Descriptions in the program are limited to fifty words and must be submitted by February 13th, 2017.