Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

AGE RESTRICTIONS – Are there any age restrictions to get into the exhibit hall?

No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the exhibit hall area at any time.  


AIRPORT & TRANSPORTATION – What is the closest airport to the convention center and what transportation is available?

Logan International Airport is the closest airport to the convention center (approximately 3.5 miles away).  Passengers in need of ground transportation have a wide selection of affordable options to choose from. Please visit the following the Boston Convention & Exhibition website for more details.


ATTENDEE LIST – How can I obtain a pre- and post show attendee list?

An attendee list is not available for this event.


BADGES (Exhibitors) - How can I register our booth personnel?  How many badges is our company eligible for and what do they give us access to?

Each exhibiting commercial companies will receive Four (4) conference registrations.  Each schooling system/non-profit company will receive Two (2) conference registrations.


BUDGET – How do I work with a tight budget?

  • Always order your services before discount deadlines.
  • Consolidate your freight and shrink wrap it to avoid additional material handling charges.
  • For larger groups, use shuttle transportation rather than individual taxi service.
  • Always bring back up supplies so you don’t have to rent them for a premium at the show.
  • Some items are more cost effective to bring on your own rather than renting them repeatedly at every show (i.e. power strips, extension cords, artificial plants, waste baskets, etc.)
  • Consider the cost of rental displays, carpet and booth furnishing versus shipping and material handling charges for your own display.
  • Meet your freight target times (if applicable), and instruct your drivers to check in at the marshaling yard before the deadline time noted in the Exhibitor Service Manual to avoid additional surcharges.
  • For larger booths, ship hanging signs and carpet in advance to allow for straight-time installation when possible.


CONFERENCE SCHEDULE – Where can I find a schedule of events?

Please check back soon for details.


CONTACTS – Who are my key contacts as an exhibitor?

A list of Key Contacts is available.


COSTS – What other costs can I expect in addition to my booth space?

Most Exhibitors will incur/need:

  • Material Handling/Drayage charges
  • Shipping charges
  • Booth furniture (i.e. draped tables, chairs, etc. in addition to what is automatically provided)

If applicable:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Electric/Phone/Internet Connection

Detailed prices will become available in the Exhibitor Service Manual to come available in December 2016.


DEADLINES – What deadlines do I need to keep in mind as an exhibitor?

Most deadlines fall within 30-40 days of the exposition.  Please refer to the Deadline check list in the Exhibitor Service Manual when available.


DRESS CODE – What is the dress code for booth personnel?

Business professional is always welcome, but khakis and company logo polo-shirts are acceptable as well.


EXHIBITOR LIST – Who is exhibiting this year?

Please click here to access the current Exhibitor List and Interactive Floor Plan.


EXHIBITOR RESOURCE CENTER – When will I receive my exhibitor service manual?

The Exhibitor Service Manual will be available in December 2016.


EXPOSITION SCHEDULE – What are this year’s move-in, move-out and show hours?

The Exhibit Hall Schedule will be available December 2016.



HOTEL RESERVATIONS – How can I make hotel reservations?

Hotel reservations may be made here. 


REGISTRATION (CONFERENCE) – How do I register for the conference portion of the event; what does it include; and what qualifications are necessary?

To register, click here.



SHUTTLE BUSES – Is there shuttle bus service available from my hotel to the convention center?

Shuttle bus service is not available since most of the official conference hotels are within walking distance or a very short taxi ride away from the convention center.


SPONSORSHIPS – What type of sponsorships are available?

Sponsorship information will be available soon. 


NOTE: Do not be misled by companies that solicit exhibitors and misrepresent themselves as official service providers of CEC 2017.  A list of official service providers is available in the Exhibitor Service Manual when available. 


With questions, please contact:


CEC Exhibit and Sponsorship Management Team

Phone: 703-667-5701

Email: lauren.turosik@spargoinc.com