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Abraxis, LLC, a respected provider of environmental test kits for over 16 years, offers ELISA, Magnetic Bead, Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Binding Assay (RBA), Protein Phosphatase Inhibition Assay (PPIA), and Cholinesterase Inhibition Assay (CIA) kit formats, as well as AbraMag Magnetic Beads for purification of DNA/RNA, proteins, antibodies, antigens, and E. coli. Find out more at www.abraxiskits.com.

 Press Releases

  • WARMINSTER, Pa. — Abraxis, Inc., which develops, manufactures, and markets rapid environmental and food test systems in plate, strip test, and magnetic bead formats, announces expansion of its magnetic beads line to products used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and sample prep applications.

    Abraxis introduces ready-to-use AbraMag Magnetic Beads for sample prep, or for capturing/purifying targets such as proteins, antibodies, DNA/RNA and E. coli. This further expands the Abraxis product line which for many years has included detection kits that use magnetic beads to capture the analyte of interest. The beads are superparamagnetic, nonaggregating iron oxide particles (or ‘microspheres’) derivatized with functional groups such as capture antibodies, Nickel (for His-tagged proteins), streptavidin, Protein A/G or charged groups (for nucleic acids). AbraMag’s design enables faster binding kinetics, with high sensitivity & selectivity, in both manual and automated biomedical and research applications.

    Magnetic bead capture offers numerous advantages over conventional methods (which use columns or centrifugation) for purifying proteins, antibodies or nucleic acids:

    • Faster and simpler.
    • Less expensive.
    • Greater yield and purity.
    • More consistent results.
    • Gentler: no shear forces, no centrifugation.
    • No columns or expensive equipment needed.
    • Works for very small or very large sample volumes.
    • Easily adapted to different sample types.
    • Ideal for automation.

    And, AbraMag magnetic beads surpass competitors’ magnetic beads in capacity, yield, and purity, all at the best market value.

    To learn more and see comparison data, visit Abraxis at AACC booth #4069; info@abraxiskits.com, 215-357-3911, www.abraxiskits.com.

    About Abraxis, Inc.

    Abraxis, Inc. is a respected provider of real-time testing solutions for constituents of emerging concern (CECs), endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), Legionella, estrogens, antibiotics, pesticides, industrial chemicals, toxic organics, surfactants, E. coli O157:H7 & non-O157 STEC, marine biotoxins, cyanotoxins, GMOs, magnetic beads (purification of proteins, antibodies, DNA/RNA, and E. coli), mycotoxins, veterinary residues, ionophores, food additives and vitellogenin.

    Abraxis, Inc.

    124 Railroad Drive

    Warminster, PA 18974 USA

    (215) 357-3911



    AbraMag is a trademark of Abraxis, Inc.

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