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Life Diagnostics manufactures SPARCL kits, ELISA kits, purified biomarkers and antibodies for preclinical research and veterinary diagnostics. Our areas of expertise include cardiovascular, acute phase, immunotoxicity and immunology biomarkers in species including mouse, rat, rabbit, cat, dog, pig, cow, monkey and chicken. We have also developed anti-PEG monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits for detection of PEG, mPEGylated proteins and anti-PEG antibodies.


  • SPARCL assay
    SPARCL – A simpler and faster ELISA alternative A typical SPARCL assay requires no wash steps, involves a single incubation, and takes approximately 45 minutes, including sample preparation time. This contrasts with ELISA’s that require 1-4 incubations, 1-3 wash steps and take 2-4+ hours...

  • SPARCL – A simpler and faster ELISA alternative

    SPARCL (Spatial Proximity Analyte Reagent Capture Luminescence) sandwich assays use two biomarker specific antibodies; one conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP), the other conjugated to acridan, a chemiluminescent substrate. When HRP and acridan conjugated antibodies both bind to the biomarker they are brought into close proximity. With the addition of hydrogen peroxide (trigger solution), HRP catalyzes oxidation of proximal acridan molecules causing a flash of chemiluminescence that is proportional to the biomarker concentration. Acridan molecules distant from HRP cause no luminescence. This principle allows development of a range of rapid and sensitive homogeneous immunoassays.We are in the process of making SPARCL versions of our ELISA kit range (we will continue to manufacture the ELISA’s).  

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