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Nova Biomedical is a world leader in POC and critical care diagnostics. The Stat Profile Prime 10-test critical care analyzer features ZERØ maintenance cartridge technology and automated, on-board, external liquid QC. pHOx Ultra offers 20 tests from one drop of blood in under 2 min. StatStrip Glucose measures POC glucose while eliminating interferences. StatStrip Lactate provides rapid POC screening and monitoring of sepsis. StatStrip Creatinine provides rapid POC kidney function screening.


  • Nova StatStrip® Xpress2 Glucose Hospital Meter System
    StatStrip Xpress2 is designed for applications that don’t need connectivity capability and joins StatStrip Glucose as the only glucose meters cleared by the FDA for use with critically ill patients. Xpress 2 features a color screen and modern shape for easier use and utilizes the same interference-free measurement technology as StatStrip Glucose...

  • StatStrip Glucose Xpress 2, along with StatStrip Glucose and StatStrip Glucose Xpress are now the only three hospital glucose meters to be cleared by the FDA and proven to be safe and effective for use throughout all hospital and professional healthcare settings, including with critically ill patients. Use of any other strip-based glucose meter with critically ill patients is considered “off-label” by the FDA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. StatStrip Glucose Xpress 2 utilizes the same glucose measurement technology as StatStrip Glucose and StatStrip Glucose Xpress. StatStrip Glucose technology has been studied extensively and is proven to be free of clinically significant interferences and to demonstrate excellent agreement compared to central laboratory reference methods.


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