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Biotron Diagnostics Inc.

615 N. Palm Avenue
Hemet,  CA  92543

United States
  • Booth: 3852

BIOTRON Diagnostics New Products now include Updated Sickle Cell Control, Innovative Gene testing for Cancer & Inf. Disease for HPV,HIV,HBV,HCB, and *CE MARK- Export-Rapid TESTS for Zika ,Sperm Clinical, Hepatitis B/ C HIV, TP, NG, Chlamydia, H Pylori, Cholera, TB, Malaria, Dengue, Chagas, Procalcitonin, Vaginal IT and Food Safety & GMO* in addition to old & popular complete line of IVD Kits includ. most popular Sickle Cell, UroFast Urine Rgt, ELISA, Dr. G Glucosemeter and Stable Culture Media.

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Sickle Cell & Controls, ELISA, CLIA/Serology, UroFast Urine Reagent strips, Vaginal I T, Petnostics , Dr. G Glucosemeter & Diabetes, Innovated Gene testing for Cancer and Infect. Diseases.
 Rapid Tests for Infect. Disease (Hepatitis, HIV, T P, N. Gonorr. Chamydia, H Pylori,Cholera, Malaria, TB, Dengue, Chikun., Strep, Chagas, Zika), Sperm Clinical , Tumor & Cardiac Markers, Food Safety & GMO, Drug Test, Blood Bank, Coagulation, Research Clin. Chemistries , Controls .
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