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DPX Labs

151 Powell Road, Suite BA 118
Columbia,  SC  29203

United States
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DPX Labs specializes in developing and manufacturing Dispersive Pipette Extraction (DPX) tips for sample preparation prior to LC/MS analyses. The patented DPX tips function by dispersive SPE, using sorbent loosely contained in a pipette tip to efficiently mix sample solutions. The advantages of DPX include rapid sample preparation, high recoveries, and reduced solvent waste. In addition, DPX is readily automated with most robotic liquid handlers.

 Press Releases

  • The jointly developed INTip Chemistry enables scientists to fully automate sample preparation at a fraction of the time, cost and effort of traditional SPE systems.

    RENO, Nev. (July 28, 2016) — Hamilton Robotics and DPX Technologies, LLC (DPX®) have announced a collaboration leveraging their expertise in the fields of automated liquid handling and dispersive solid phase extraction to develop high-throughput solutions for clinical, forensic and food safety laboratories.  The revolutionary INTip Chemistry merges the precision of Hamilton’s patented CO-RE® tip technology with DPX’s dispersive pipette extraction technology to generate the next phase in sample preparation.  Laboratories may now automate their solid phase extraction (SPE) methodology with INTip Chemistry to significantly improve results at a fraction of the time, cost and effort of traditional SPE products.

    Compatible on all Hamilton liquid handling workstations, Hamilton and DPX are using INTip Chemistry to drive increased value into the clinical, forensic and food safety markets, which are all under constant pressure to improve quality outcomes at a reduced cost.  Hamilton’s versatile platforms offer throughput options for 4-, 8-, 96- and 384-samples, eliminating time-consuming manual pipetting steps which contribute to sample-to-sample variability.

    Automated INTip Chemistry methods for clinical and forensic laboratories is the primary focus, with food safety applications to follow.  Tip sizes range from 300 µL to 5 mL, supporting a variety of matrices including whole blood, serum, urine, oral fluid, tissue, meconium, fruits, and vegetables.  Customization of the INTip Chemistry, by altering the tip size and the amount and type of resin, offers endless possibilities to personalize solutions specific to each laboratory’s unique analytical challenges and goals.

    "While Hamilton has a demonstrated expertise in providing clinical and forensic laboratories with customized solutions, we have also focused on creating standardized solutions for a wide range of applications," said Michael Mouradian, Ph.D., Scientific Leader in Drug Discovery of Hamilton. "We are excited to work with DPX as this partnership broadens our SPE portfolio with industry validated methods for current

    clinical, forensic and food safety matrices. By leveraging DPX's established network in the scientific community, we are able to deliver joint solutions to improve workflows and quality outcomes worldwide."

    "Given the increased use of our dispersive pipette tips, we are responding to customers’ demands for enhanced throughput solutions,” said William Brewer, Ph.D., Founder, Chief Executive Officer of DPX. "By partnering with Hamilton to automate our SPE technology, DPX users can seamlessly scale up workflows with effective high-throughput automation.”

    About Hamilton:

    Hamilton Robotics, an affiliate of Hamilton Company, is a leading global manufacturer providing automated liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation technology to the scientific community. With a focus on innovative design, Hamilton products incorporate patented liquid handling technologies into a portfolio that includes liquid handling platforms, standard application-based solutions, small devices, consumables, and OEM liquid handling solutions. Known for advancing life science, clinical diagnostics, forensics and biotechnology industries, Hamilton products offer reliability, performance, and flexibility.  Ensuring a continuous commitment to quality, Hamilton utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing at production facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland, and has earned a global ISO 9001 certification. Privately held, Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts; and Bonaduz, Switzerland, along with subsidiary offices throughout the world.


    About DPX Technologies:

    Founded in 2006, DPX Technologies specializes in dispersive pipette extraction (DPX) tips.  The patented DPX tip is a solid-phase extraction (SPE) device that incorporates loosely contained sorbent between an upper and lower barrier that allows for mixing with the sample solution.  Enhanced surface area produces extraction results at a fraction of the time, cost and effort of traditional SPE devices. The company specializes in custom applications for a diverse client base, to include clinical and forensic laboratories, the food safety sector and pharmaceutical industry. Privately held, DPX maintains its primary research and development laboratory and manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina. In response to growing customer demand, the company has recently opened a second research and development facility in La Jolla, California.

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