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Health Gene Technologies Ltd.  

No. 396 Mingzhu Rd. High Tech District
Ningbo,  Zhejiang  315040

  • Booth: 2541

Ningbo HEALTH Gene Technologies Co., Ltd (HGT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Health BioMed Co., Ltd (HBM). HGT, found in 2011, has dedicated its business to gene fragment analysis application development. It dedicates to develop and manufacture Advanced Fragment Analysis (AFA) based in vitro diagnostic kits for many different applications, such as Pathogen Detection, Pharmacogenomics Analysis and Human DNA Identification.

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Forensic STR kit, Pathogen Detection AFA kits, Pharmacogenomics AFA kits.


    • AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo Management
    • SPARGO, Inc.
    • Toll Free (800) 564-4220
    • Phone:  (703) 631-6200
    • Fax (703) 563-2691
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