it4ip s.a.

avenue Jean-Etienne Lenoir, 1
Louvain-la-Neuve,  01348

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it4ip develops and manufactures filter membranes based on energetic ion track technology. We supply our customers with pure polycarbonate, polyester or polyimide membrane filters with precise pore sizes from 10nm to 30um. Our membranes are available in various formats: discs, sheets and roll stock. it4ip is certified ISO9001:2008.

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Business Needs:
Direct Sales
Products to be exported:
- ipPORE : Membranes particularly useful for healthcare, Analytical Methods, Water Analysis, Microorganism Capture, Blood Filtration, Cell Analysis,etc.
 - ipBLACK : The ipBLACK membranes display a low level of autofluoresce & are currently used for direct observation and rapid quantification of animal cells or micro-organisms.
 - ipCELLCULTURE : Highly transparent track-etched membranes with a very smooth glass-like surface & specifically developed for cell culture.
 - CUSTOM membrane filters