TechNet Korea 2013
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TechNet Korea Summit 2013:   Enabling the Strategic Alliance Through C4I

The TechNet Korea Summit 2013 is hosted by AFCEA International with support from the U.S. Seoul and Republic of Korea (ROK) AFCEA Chapters. The overall theme is “Enabling the Strategic Alliance through C4I”.  This first time conference will focus on transformation of U.S. Forces in the Korean and Far East areas.  The focus will be on components of the U.S. Department of Defense, Republic of Korea, Joint and Allied Nations, Industry, and Academia.  The overall program will provide a setting for Korean and U.S. Information Technology Industry Partners to collaborate and discuss with U.S and Korean military organizations on how Command, Control, Communication, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems can strengthen the Strategic Korean – U.S. Alliance.

This event is an ideal forum to demonstrate and promote products, services and solutions to the growing Korean market, which include:

•     Battle Damage Assessment

•     Biotechnology     

•     Bandwidth Compression and Synchronization

•     Collaboration & Collaborative Tools

•     Combat ID Perimeter Security

•     Common Operating Picture (COP)

•     Data Architecture

•     Data Encryption

•     Data Manipulation and Analytical Tools

•     Data Mining & Warehousing

•     Decontamination

•     E-Commerce & E-Business

•     Electronic Warfare Equipment

•     Electronically Enhanced Education    

•     Enterprise Architecture              

•     Global Positioning Systems

•     Information and Intelligence Fusion

•     Information Operations, Assurance and Security

•     Interoperability – Joint and Coalition

•     Joint Deployment & Rapid Distribution

•     Knowledge Enabled Logistics

•     Knowledge Management & Leadership Decision

•     Nanotechnology

•     Network Centric Warfare

•     Night Vision            

•     On-the-Move Voice and Data Comms

•     Power Sources       

•     Radar and Surveillance
         Capability Enhancements

•     Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

•     SATCOM

•     Secure Comms – Voice and Data

•     Secure Tracker System        

•     Sensors

•     Shared Intel Databases at Multiple
         Security Levels

•     Simulations & Modeling

•     Streaming Video              

•     Visualization Technologies

•     Voice over IP

•     VTC – C2 System

•     Wireless Solutions, Networking and Security

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