NIGP 2013


Engage in professional development and discover new products and services at NIGP 2013

The NIGP Annual Forum and Products Exposition is the largest North American educational conference exclusively for individuals in Public Procurement!  The Products Exposition takes place August 26 & 27 in the new Cypress Ballroom at Marriott World Center.  Our attendees enjoy talking with suppliers about the latest products and services available to the government.   As an exhibitor, you will get in front of procurement agents from all facets of the government including, state agencies, cities, counties, k-12, higher education, hospitals and more.  2012 was a record breaking expo for NIGP.  And NIGP was recently listed as #11 of the 50 fastest growing tradeshows in 2011 by Tradeshow Executive magazine!   If your company sells to the government, this is the show for you.


Suppliers will showcase the products and services government agencies require to meet critical needs such as:


·       Office Furniture/Equipment ·        Finance Solutions 
·        Procurement Solutions  ·        Training Programs/Services 
·        Construction Equipment  ·        Automotive Sales/Services 
·        Recreation Facilities/Materials  ·        Disaster Relief/Recovery 
·        Building Materials  ·        Security Solutions
·        Bidding Software  ·        Communications 
·        Computer Hardware/Software  ·        Maintenance


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