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For more than 45 years, ENSCO has lead the rail industry worldwide in developing new and advanced technologies to improve the safety, security and quality of their operations. ENSCO is a leading provider of automated and autonomous inspection systems, web-based data management systems, vehicle dynamics analysis and simulations, large-scale systems integration for federal and commercial railways.


  • Machine Vision – Track Imaging Systems
    High-speed and superior quality track imaging systems provide comprehensive track inspection and evaluation through advanced machine-vision processing....

  • Railway imaging systems are at the forefront of the ENSCO technology focus. Expertise with high-resolution camera systems and advanced image processing algorithms result in systems with extremely reliable image acquisition and processing capabilities. This approach has been successfully applied to the inspection of a range of track components, including joint bars (fish plates), ties (sleepers), fasteners, rail heads, and overhead wire, as well as track rights of way (ROW). All ENSCO railway imaging systems can operate either day or night to reduce operational interruptions.

    • Joint Bar Inspection System
    • Track Component Imaging System
    • Rail Surface Imaging System
    • Driver View Imaging System
    • Overview Wire (Catenary) Imaging System
    • Tunnel Wall Imaging System
    • Thermal Imaging System

    Key Features

    • Employs patented vision-inspection technology and techniques
    • Continuous, high-resolution track images
    • Intelligent machine-vision algorithms for review and identification of anomalies
    • Automatic image archiving and component inventory
    • Integration with full-sized track inspection cars as well as hi-rail vehicles
    • Centralized office review and reporting system

    Learn more at www.ensco.com/rail/track-imaging-systems

  • Virtual Track Walk
    This software enables high-resolution track images to be inspected in the office...

  • ENSCO’s Virtual Track Walk's key feature is the ability to view synchronized images from multiple inspection cameras along with milepost and GPS.

    When using VTW to inspect track, built-in tools allow the user to mark defects and identify track assets. The software then automatically tags these with milepost numbers and GPS coordinates. Identified defects and assets can be exported to CSV reports.

    Key Features

    • Simultaneous viewing of images from multiple cameras
    • Supports multiple computer monitors
    • User customizable viewing and settings
    • Move and adjust windows as needed
    • All images are synchronized together with milepost (kilometer post or chainage) and GPS coordinates
    • Scroll, zoom and video play features
    • User can mark defects
    • User can identify assets
    • Tie grading
    • VTW automatically calculates location and GPS for defect and asset locations
    • Defects and asset data can be exported to CSV format

    Learn more at www.ensco.com/rail/virtual-track-walk

    ENSCO Rail's Virtual Track Walk Featured in Washington Post

  • GeoEdit 8
    In-depth graphical analysis and track measurement data management...

  • GeoEdit 8 is a Windows-based Track Measurement Data Management program. It can be used to view data, generate reports, assist in maintenance management planning, and exporting data for a range of efforts.


    • Supports track geometry, rail profile, ride quality, DGRMS, third rail, and corrugation
    • Overlay multiple track measurement survey files
    • Plot the difference between channels from different files
    • Generate and print reports and plots
    • Reverse the direction of the data to accommodate comparison of separate surveys
    • Prepare continuous track geometry and rail profile data for vehicle/track interaction modeling
    • Export data to various formats, including CSV, VAMPIRE®, and MiniProf
    • Use in real-time mode with ENSCO’s RSL-TGMS hi-rail track geometry measurement system
    • Better insight and understanding of your data
    • Accurate annotation
    • Cost efficiency of a “paperless” environment


    • Track supervisors
    • Division engineers
    • Track engineers
    • Maintenance managers
    • Track analysts
    • Vehicle dynamicists

    Learn more at www.ensco.com/rail/geoedit-8