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Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Increased Visibility / Enhanced ROI / Affordable Targeted Marketing

Meeting Rooms:

Meeting Rooms (Located in Hall F) – $6,600 (10’x20”) and $12,000 (20’x20’)
Modular meeting rooms built out in a quiet, convenient location directly above the exhibit hall.  These meeting rooms are available during Exhibit Hall hours. Exhibitor responsible for furnishings through Freeman. *Other meeting room sizes can be accommodated. 



Exhibit Hall & Convention Center Opportunities


AACC Mobile App: [$27,750.00] (Exclusive Opportunity)
Capture the attention of thousands of laboratory professionals before, during, and after the meeting when they access the Mobile App for information regarding the educational program and the expo. Meeting participants will see your company branding on the App home page each and every time they launch the App.




Aisle Signs: [$43,000.00] (Exclusive Opportunity)
Your corporate logo will be displayed on all aisle signs (approximately 50 aisles) within the Exhibit Hall ensuring that attendees see your logo as they navigate from one aisle to the next.



Charging Stations: [$12,000.00] (Exclusive Opportunity)

Associate your company with this much appreciated service! Located in high traffic areas in the Convention Center, each kiosk is equipped with multiple power connections for charging mobile devices. Your company branding will be displayed on the charging station.



Charging Lounge: [$12,000.00]

Located in key areas within the Exhibit Hall, each lounge contains two charging stations and a seating area.

Column Wraps: [$10,000.00] 1 available

Located in high traffic public areas outside of the Exhibit Hall, you are sure to make a lasting impression by securing a place on these columns.



Escalator Runners: [$15,000.00] SOLD
Opportunity for placement of a company branded runner in prominent areas within the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Ensure attendees are aware of your presence at the meeting by securing one of these prime locations for visibility. Sponsorship includes production of the runner, installation, and removal.
Hanging Banners: [Price Varies by Location]
$12,000 4' H x 15' W horizontal double-sided; 4 locations available
$10,000 4' H x 10' W horizontal single-sided; 8 locations available

*Reach attendees with your message by securing a company banner with the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Sponsorships include productions of the banner, installation, and removal.

Please contact us for more information:

Michele LaFrance



Meeting Badges: [$7,500.00] (Exclusive Opportunity) SOLD OUT

Have your company logo printed on the back of every meeting badge.  Thousands of attendees will see your logo every time they reach into their badge for business cards, tickets, etc.



Park Benches: [$15,000.00] 2 sets available (3 back-to-back benches.)

Stand out in the Exhibit Hall with your company branding on park benches placed down the heavily trafficked main cross aisle. Each set of benches will include signage on each bench and an accompanying large floor decal on the aisle carpet in each location.



Shuttle Bus Headrests: [$30,000.00]
Fabric covers, personalized with your logo, will be placed at each seat of all shuttle buses. This exclusive sponsorship opportunity is an excellent means of capturing the attention of thousands of meeting participants as they travel to and from the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The sponsor is responsible for the costs of producing the covers. 


Shuttle Bus Wraps: [$21,000] 10 Buses, SOLD
Shuttle bus branding puts you in front of thousands of meeting attendees as well as local Philadelphia professionals during their daily commute around the city. This is an unparalleled opportunity to get your company name in front of attendees first thing in the morning and again when they head out of the Convention Center at the end of the day.

Window Decals: [$4,500] 3'x5', 6 locations - 2 Available
Present your company branding in front of all meeting attendees as they navigate throughout the convention center. This can’t miss branding opportunity is a sure way to capture the attention of all individuals at the meeting.


10 Table Clings on High Boys in Exhibit Hall: [$5,000.00]
1 Available

Tables will be placed throughout the 20’ cross aisle that spans the exhibit hall from left to right. This will be a prominent, high traffic area. Place your branding on one set or multiple sets of these tables and capture the attention of attendees while they are relaxing, dining, meeting with others, or just passing by as they travel throughout the hall.




Hotel Sponsorship Opportunities


ClinPack Hotel Door Drop: Bag Sponsor - includes one insert [$9,000.00] (Exclusive Opportunity) - SOLD
An exclusive opportunity to reach thousands of meeting participants as they head out the door on Tuesday morning. Includes logo printed on bags and one insert in the bags.

ClinPack Hotel Door Drop: [$3,950.00] first insert up to 4 pages 
A one-time door drop at the official hotels for AACC (minimum distribution of 4,000). No other door drops are permitted during the Clinical Lab Expo.

ClinPack Hotel Door Drop: [$3,000.00] each additional insert (max 2)
A one-time door drop at the official hotels for AACC (minimum distribution of 4,000). No other door drops are permitted during the Clinical Lab Expo.












Hotel Key Cards [$13,000.00] (Exclusive Opportunity)
Make a first impression as attendees arrive in Philadelphia! Customized key cards with your personalized design will be distributed to meeting attendees upon check in at the official hotels. The sponsor is responsible for hotel distribution charges and the costs of producing the key cards.
Hotel Door Hangers: [$7,750.00] (Exclusive Opportunity) SOLD
Display a door hanger with your customized company message and logo on the doors of the official hotel rooms in which meeting attendees are staying. The sponsor is responsible for hotel distribution charges and the costs of producing the door hangers.

Table Tents: [$7,500]
Communicate your message with a company customized table tent delivered and placed in the rooms of meeting participants at the official hotels. The sponsor is responsible for hotel distribution charges and the costs of producing the table tents.


























Marketing Opportunities

Extended Exhibitor Profile Listing: [$650.00]
Includes company listing description with up to 1,000 characters, ability to upload five press releases, and company will be highlighted on floor plan with an enhanced listing icon.

Premium Exhibitor Profile Listing: [$1,950.00]
Includes items in basic and extended packages plus rotating banner on home page of exposition website, video uploads, up to three product photos posted online, and links to social media platforms.

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing Flyer


Attendee Pre-show/Post-show Mailing List … $1,050/$1,250 (one-time use)
Send a pre-show promotion or invitation to visit your booth to the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo registrants.

Reinforce your on-site presence with a follow-up communication to initiate post meeting business opportunities.



CLN Daily Newspaper Distribution: [20,000] (Exclusive Opportunity) SOLD
Get in the hands of thousands of attendees first thing every morning of the meeting with a bottom banner ad on the front cover of every issue of CLN Daily, distrubuted for all four days of the meeting (~7,000 each day).  Sponsorship also includes company branding on t-shirts of all the CLN distribution staff strategically placed at shuttle bus pick up locations at the top hotels and in key areas with the Convention Center and branding on the distribution bins located in high traffic areas of the convention center.



Housing Confirmation Ad [$15,000] (Exclusive Opportunity)
Reach thousands of attendees prior to their arrival in Philadelphia! Your ad will appear on the housing confirmation page at the end of each online housing reservation and on every confirmation communication delivered via email. The ad is hyperlinked to your website. Approximately 5,000 impressions for each medium.


Pre-show Email Blast to Registrants - $3,150 One week out   SOLD / $4,200 Week of meeting   SOLD
Take advantage of this limited opportunity to reach out to pre-registrants in the days leading up to the meeting. One exclusive email will be sent out each day. You will work with our vendor to create a customized html email that will be distributed to those who are pre-registered to attend the meeting.

New Product Showcase: [$1,850.00] (per product)

This is an excellent opportunity to generate interest and booth traffic! Attendees are looking for an overview of what’s new before heading to the show floor. Participation in the New Product Showcase Includes:

  • New Product Showcase Directory – A searchable directory available on the website before, during, and after the show. 
  • Product Showcase Billboard and Searchable Kiosks – A highly-visible, electronic billboard prominently displayed in a high traffic area of the convention center rotating the new products on a large digital screen. Kiosks will be located in front of the billboard for attendees to search and view the details about the new products.
  • 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo Exhibit Guide - New products will be listed in the Exhibit Guide including company name, product name, and booth number. Deadline May 15, 2016. 
  • Clinical Laboratory News Dailies - The New Product Showcase will appear in three (3) print issues of the Clinical Laboratory News Dailies including company name, product name, booth number, product photo, and product description.

Eligibility: The participating company must be an exhibitor at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. The company must be the manufacturer or exclusive distributor of the product. The product must be exhibited on the show floor.


Educational and Special Event Opportunities

OEM Lecture Series Theater Presentation: [$750.00]
Present your innovative products and services to key decision makers at IVD companies in this convenient setting in the heart of the OEM pavilion in the Exhibit Hall.

Industry Workshop in Exhibit Hall Theater: [$13,000.00]
This is your opportunity to educate prospective customers and end users about solutions they need to practice more effectively and efficiently. This convenient on-floor theater location has been built to allow for attendees to access education while remaining close to the action in the Exhibit Hall.

Industry Workshop in Hotel Meeting Room [$3,200.00]
These presentations are scheduled in select hotels prior to and after official conference programming. All logistical arrangements and associated fees are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Hotel Industry  Workshop Videotape: [$5,600.00]
Companies supporting a Hotel Industry Workshop at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, now have the opportunity to extend the life of their program beyond the live event.  AACC and Freeman will work with your company to videotape the workshop, and provide an edited, picture in picture video of the slides and speaker(s) within 10-20 days of the live program.  AACC will host the video online for 9 months, and will promote the video via a dedicated broadcast email to a targeted list or to our entire database (60,000+).  The supporter is also welcome to promote the video.

International Marketing Briefing: 
This is your opportunity to get in front of an audience of approximately 600 high level company executives (primarily officers, managers, and international marketing executives) with co-sponsor benefits including recognition on pre-show promotional materials and in the IMB handout. 

Director [$3,000.00]
Counselor [$7,500.00]
Ambassador [$10,000.00]



Video Recording: [$5,600.00]

Extend the life of your Hotel Industry Workshop by video recording the event.  AACC will host it on our website for 9 months post-meeting and will promote the video via a dedicated broadcast email to AACC's entire database (60,000+).  Your company is also welcome to promote your video on your own!


Sponsorship Brochure 


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    • SPARGO, Inc.
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