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Showtime and Matchmaking at AACC/Clinical Lab Expo 2016

August 1-4, Philadelphia, PA

The U.S. Department of Commerce is offering two free programs to U.S. exporters exhibiting or attending AACC 2016.

One-on-One Market Entry Strategy Meetings with Specialists from U.S. Embassies and Consulates

The Showtime Program is designed for U.S. exporters to receive advice on how to expand your exports, deal with regulatory issues, and target opportunities for your products and services worldwide.  If you are already exporting, they are also available to work with you to find additional partners, new markets and/or increase your market share.  Over the past twelve years, hundreds of strategy meetings have been conducted resulting in many millions of dollars in the sales of clinical lab products and related services.  Specialists from the following 10 countries will conduct the meetings (subject to change): 

Algeria, Argentina, Boliva, Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey 

Deadline to register for this program is July 25th.  Availability is on a first-come basis.  Register here:

 Trade Lead Program

The Industry Focused Promotion (IFP) is a unique program offered by the U.S. Department of Commerce to U.S. companies that want to gain international exposure, leverage their investment from attending the show, and connect with international buyers and partners.  How does this complimentary program work?

1)          Your product will be added to the AACC 2016 Industry Focused Promotion (IFP) trade lead online platform. 

2)          Department of Commerce market specialists worldwide will promote this site to qualified potential buyers in their respective markets.

3)          Once an overseas firm has selected your company on the AACC 2016 IFP site, you will be notified immediately and will receive information on the international buyer or partner in order to follow up and begin a dialogue before the show.

We recommend registering by July 8th for this program to maximize your listing exposure.  Sign up for either or both FREE programs at:

Questions?  Contact:

Cindy Ma
U.S. Department of Commerce  I  Commercial Service

Oakland, California

Tel: 510-273-7351

Leandro Solorzano
U.S. Department of Commerce  I  Commercial Service
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tel: 954-356-6647  




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