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Founded in 2007, PREB dedicated to development, manufacture, sale of IVD reagents. Today, PREB has 99 registered products and fulfill ISO9001, 13485 and CE mark. The products cover clinical chemistry, coagulation, and immunology is being widely used in clinical laboratory and can be provided in finished kit, unlabelled and/or bulk.


  • Kit For serum amyloid A protein Assay
    This reagent is intended for the in vitro quantitative determination of serum amyloid A (SAA) in human serum....

  • Serum amyloid A protein is a type of polymorphic protein family and is encoded by a series of genes. It’s the precursor of tissue amyloid A protein and a sensitive acute-phase reactant.The normal concentration of SAA in healthy human’s serum is lower than10 mg/L. It will rise rapidly to 1000 times of the initial concentration during the preliminary phase of inflammation or other diseases, and decrease to the normal level quickly during recovery.

    SAA level will increase both in viral and bacterial infection, while CRP rise barely or slightly in viral infection . The combination of SAA detection and CRP will discern viral infection, non-invasive or prodromal invasive bacterial infection while CRP detection shows normal, so the combination will offer reference for the distinction of infectious diseases andselection of the therapeutic plan.

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