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Randox is a global diagnostic company with over 35 years’ experience. Dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide our aim is to deliver faster, more accurate diagnosis through the use of novel technologies. As a leading provider of immunoassay analyzers utilizing innovative biochip technology, chemistry analzyers, third party reagents, the largest toxicology test menu and quality control solutions comprising QC, PT & calibration verification Randox is shaping the future of clinical diagnostics.


  • Small Dense LDL (sLDL) Cholesterol
    Take your lipid testing profile beyond the routine. A niche assay from Randox, the sLDL Cholesterol assay utilises the “Denka Seiken” method which produces results in ten minutes and correlates extremely well with the gold standard, ultracentrifugation, method. Applications are available for a wide range of biochemistry analyzers....

  • sLDL particles are more atherogenic than large, buoyant LDL particles, meaning they easily permeate the inner arterial wall.  Individuals with high levels of sLDL are 3 times more likely to have a heart attack.  Therefore, it is vital to test for sLDL cholesterol to prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  The most significant factor that contributes to elevated sLDL levels includes a diet high in saturated fat and a sedentary lifestyle.

    The Randox sLDL Cholesterol assay is conveniently supplied liquid ready-to-use for and is stable to expiry when stored at +2 to +8°C.  The Randox sLDL assay has a wide measuring of 4 – 100mg/dl, comfortably detecting levels outside of the healthy range.

  • Acusera 24•7 - Interlaboratory Data Management Software
    With Acusera 24•7, QC data management has never been easier. Unique access to real-time peer group data, a variety of interactive charts & reports and automatically generated performance metrics including Sigma Scores and Measurement Uncertainty enables instant identification of QC failures and a reduction in the time spent troubleshooting....

  • Designed to complement our comprehensive range of true third party controls, Acusera 24•7 can assist laboratories in the effective management of QC data. This essential laboratory software is perfect for all labs regardless of size or budget with numerous options available depending on your laboratory’s needs and requirements.

    With the unique ability to provide peer group data instantly in real-time, Acusera 24•7 will also automatically generate advanced QC statistics including Sigma Scores and Uncertainty of Measurement. As well as providing labs with comprehensive reports and interactive charts like Levey-Jennings and Histograms, the software is able to speed up troubleshooting and aid laboratories as they strive for accreditation.

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