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United States
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Sarstedt’s product range includes pre- and post-analytic automation, systems for specimen collection, transportation and storage, consumables, and equipment for transfusion medicine. Sarstedt offers modular front- and back-end automation for laboratories of all sizes. Automation is available as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system. Processing options include: bulk tube loading, sample identification, sorting, decapping, aliquoting, recapping, and transfer to a track system. Our systems can process either push cap or screw cap tubes. The S-Monovette® blood collection system provides the option of gentle syringe-style collection directly into treated, analyzer-ready tubes. The S-Monovette® eliminates sample transfers from untreated syringes, and reduces hemolysis and clotting rates. The ultra-low volume draw allows for precise, controlled dispensing to Point-of-Care devices, helping to promote blood conservation.