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Littleton,  MA 
United States
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Vivaproducts has supplied protein concentration and filtration products to clinical labs for years. Our VIVASPIN® and BJP devices concentrate urine and CSF proteins prior to electrophoresis for diagnosis of multiple myeloma and other diseases. Our VIVAFREE™ centrifugal filters separate free drugs and hormones from those bound to plasma proteins. VIVAFREE filters are being used in clinical testing for free testosterone, free insulin and for therapeutic drug monitoring of phenytoin, immunosuppressants and antibiotics. Labs have reported cost reductions of 35% by replacing other ultrafilters with VIVAFREE filters. The ED300 Xpress EQUILIBRIUM DIALYZER can separate other free hormones such as T3, T4, cortisol and estradiol from plasma proteins. The ED300 is ready-to-use in a 96 deep well plate. Its unique design allows easy automated liquid handling since all samples and dialysate buffers can be loaded and removed from the top of the device without removing the cartridges.

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