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Dynex® Technologies, Inc. is an original pioneer in micro-plate technology. We manufacture, sell and support innovative ELISA instrumentation, including the breakthrough Agility® automated ELISA system with SmartKit® technology. From industry-leading DSX® and DS2® ELISA systems to the revolutionary Agility, Dynex is the leader in automated microplate processing. At AACC 2019, see the Dynex Multiplier® with SmartPLEX® Technology - the perfect platform for assay development in multiplex format. Dynex Multiplier with SmartPLEX Technology combines the power of multiplexing with the ease of use and cost position of traditional immunoassay automation. The Dynex Multiplier with SmartPLEX Technology delivers a fully automated multiplex solution that can perform multiple assays from a single sample that reads, analyzes and processes results quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us for more information. Productinfo@dynex.com


  • Multiplier® with SmartPLEX™ Technology
    The Multiplier® analyzer is a computer-controlled, microplate-based, testing system that performs multiple chemiluminescent analyses simultaneously on a single sample in a single well. Intended for use with Multiplier SmartPLEX™ assays, the system is ideal for clinical, research, life science or veterinary laboratory applications....

    • Uses straightforward technology with easy-to-understand and proven ELISA assay methodologies
    • Simultaneously performs multiple assays with a single sample
    • Reads, analyzes and processes the results quickly, easily and more cost effectively than any other option on the market
    • Fixed format or custom configured in 96 well plates with up to 6 analytes per well
    • With a fixed-position layout, macro beads are positioned discriminately, avoiding requirement for filter plate or magnetic separation of beads
    • Automatically adds reagents to multiple wells enhancing efficiency and consistency

    Simple to use yet superior reproducibility. Sensitive and specific. Intelligent automation in a low cost package. With the addition of Multiplier®revolutionizing technology, the possibilities are endless.

    Experience the Multiplier® with SmartPLEX™ Technology.

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