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IDS produces high-quality Clinical Laboratory Automation products for production line systems and customized offerings, with integrated development and automated manufacturing. This allows us to provide valuable and unique solutions to medical institutions throughout the world. IDS remains (30+ years) solely focused on clinical sample management in the testing process. We take great responsibility due to our market leadership role in the field of automating clinical sample management. Click the Web link below to visit our VIRTUAL EXHIBIT and learn more about IDS and our products.

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  • IDS Clinical Laboratory Automation Systems (CLAS)
    The bulk loading X-10 @ 3000 tubes/hr serves large hospital/reference labs. The X-1 at 750 tubes/hr manages midsize labs. The Compact S1, with 50% reduced footprint applies to smaller labs at a rate of 600 tubes/hr. The IDS connection unit library contains over 100 analyzers and includes all major IVD vendors....

  • IDS CLAS Products are manufactured in a world-class automated ISO 13485 factory that integrates state of the art equipment with an experienced (30+ years) design team. We provide off the shelf and fully customized solutions to meet the global market needs. Our new product pipeline includes serum indices capabilities, screw cap recapping to accommodate your send-out needs, high speed outlets up to 2,000 tubes/hour and bulk load inlets from 600 to 3,000 tubes/hour.

    We have a long history of working with the major IVD companies by providing direct and OEM solutions worldwide. We continue to innovate our centrifugation, aliquoting and storage solutions and a broad suite of stand-alone automated workstations.