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KNF Neuberger gas and liquid pumps handle many clinical diagnostics instrument tasks, including: washing, waste handling, metering/dosing, aspiration, degassing/debubbling, fluid transfer and recirculation, vacuum, and pneumatics. KNF optimizes pumps to your OEM performance needs, balancing desired controllability, lifetime, and cost. Stop by to consult with a KNF engineer about your next project.

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  • New KNF Liquid and Gas Pumps for Diagnostics Equipment
    New smooth-flow FP 150 expands the flow rate range of KNF low-pulse liquid pumps to 0.2 - 12.4 L/min. New gas pumps include NMP850 HP offering flow from 7 - 30 L/min with pressure >36 psig and vacuum down to 100 mbar abs. New NPK 06 is part the growing line of compact swing piston compressors now spanning 3 - 78 L/min flow with pressure to 80 psig....

  • KNF continues to innovate liquid, vacuum, and compressor pumps for clinical diagnostic applications. New products at AACC 2020 include smooth-flow FP 150. This entry expands the full range of low-pulse liquid diaphragm pumps to flow rates from 0.2 - 12.4 L/min. KNF low-pulsation pumps combine the advantages of diaphragm liquid-pump technology with pulsation levels comparable to gear pumps. They are self-priming, have run-dry ability, and provide long, maintenance-free lifetimes under continuous-operation conditions.  Learn More

    New gas pumps include micro diaphragm pump NMP850 HP, offering high flow, pressure, and suction performance in a small size. The performance of this small pump is impressive, with rates flow from 7 - 30 L/min, pressure to >36 psig, and vacuum down to 100 mbar abs. Learn More about single-head NMP850 HP and dual-head NMP850.1.2 HP.

    Also new is micro NPK 06, part of a growing line of compact swing piston compressors that now spans 3 - 78 L/min flow with up to 80 psig pressure. Learn More.