Keck Graduate Institute

535 Watson Drive
Claremont,  CA  91711

United States

KGI offers innovative post graduate degrees and certificates that integrate life and health sciences, business, engineering, pharmacy and genetics, with a focus on industry projects, hands-on industry experiences, and team collaborations.

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  • Innovators Start Here! They continue with you.

    Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) is not your average graduate school. Located in Claremont, CA, KGI addresses the needs of industry, preparing students to be your future leaders.

    KGI students are adaptable, trained for industry, management saavy, and collaborative. We invite you to help us train our students specific to your needs through our capstone experience, the Team Masters Project (TMP).  Corporate sponsors will work with a team of 4-6 graduate students over two semesters, and coach them towards a defined set of deliverables.  

    KGI has done over 300 projects in collaboration wtih industry with a focus on topics including regulatory and quality, competitive intelligence, market landscaping, research and development, and customer satisfaction.

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