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CTI is a global research, development and contract manufacturer of electrochemical sensors utilizing conductive printing and laser ablation for exacting diagnostic applications. ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 certified and FDA CGMP compliant. We Enable Your Innovation!

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  • (Mar 10, 2020)

    Phase Zero Sensors support early stage development in the design of an assay for measurement of electrochemical signals between test fluids (bodily or otherwise) and a targeted analyte via potentiostat.  These high quality sensors are necessary tools for ealry stage development projects, enabling scientists and lab technicians to devise testing protocols for identifying electrochemical responses.  They support iterative testing of reagent mixtures used in the detection of unique analytes within biological samples.

    These sensors have a PET substrate, with carbon or gold (Au) working and counter electrodes, and a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrode along with a printed insulating dielectric.  The mating trace leads are designed to interface with the common potentiostat accessories as well as banana plugs or alligator clips.  The well walls are desgined to contain fluids allowing for reagent desposition to perform testing.