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Trusted by many of the world’s largest IVD and Life Science companies. Aim Lab is an award winning product design, engineering and manufacturing company with a reputation for quality, reliability and service more than four decades in the making.

 Press Releases


  • Tube Decapper Module (TDM)
    Aim Lab’s Tube Decapper Module (TDM) is designed for easy integration into any analyser or automation system to automate the decapping of specimen collection tubes. The AIM TDM is fully electric and can decap tubes with different cap closure types including conventional rubber bungs that many commercially available decappers are not able to decap....

  • Aim Lab is exhibiting its latest Tube Decapping Module (TDM). The new electric Aim TDM is compact in size so it can be accommodated into an analyser or automation system without taking up excessive space. It can reliably decap specimen collection tubes with a wide range of cap closure types seamlessly, including screw caps, push on caps and even conventional rubber bungs.

    Tubes can range from 12mm to 16mm in diameter and from 80mm to 120mm in capped height.  An integral electric tube gripper holds and aligns the presented tube with the decapping head. The removed cap is ejected into a waste chute. By eliminating the need for any pneumatics, the set up time is reduced along with the overall capital and operating cost.