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Providing Temperature-Controlled Packaging Solutions with Real-Time Temperature Monitoring to Minimize Specimen Rejection ? Minimize Temperature Related Sample Rejection for Diagnostic and Clinical Trial Specimens ? Temperature Stability Implemented with Phase Change Technology ? Solutions are Tested to ISTA 7D Summer and Winter Profiles ? Establish Temperature Compliance with End-to-End Traceability ? Early Warning Signals and Excursion Alarms ? IoT enabled Cloud-Based Real-Time Monitoring

 Press Releases

  • (Mar 12, 2020)

    Akuratemp® is a division of RGEES LLC. Today it is announced that it will attend the 2020 ISTA Forum on March 18th in Orlando, FL. It will present its innovative line of Akuratemp® temperature-controlled packaging products


    During this show as an exhibitor, Akuratemp® will introduce innovative solutions for the safe transit and storage of biological specimens. Akuratemp® assists lab managers at diagnostic laboratories, clinical research organizations, and healthcare facilities maintain the integrity of biological samples by protecting them from temperature excursions and establishing traceability in the cold chain.


    Harshul Gupta, CEO of RGEES, shared, “Our goal is to minimize specimen rejection by providing reliable, reusable, and sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solutions. Our products integrate IoT enabled real-time geo-location stamped temperature monitoring. We are continuously enhancing our products and technology to better meet the stringent temperature control needs in life science and healthcare cold chains.” 


    One of the most advanced enhancements made to Akuratemp® healthcare supply chain solutions includes the smart Celsure® temperature-controlled four-day parcel shipper. It includes reusable shippers for Frozen, Refrigerated, and Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) applications. The intelligent IoT enabled wireless monitoring facilitates the smooth management of temperature excursions in large inventories. The integrated artificial intelligence (AI) facilitates smart notifications to proactively manage and minimize failure. Built-in analytics provide root cause analyses and the study of patterns for continuous improvement within the supply chain.  


    The International SafeTransit Association (ISTA) forum takes place on an annual basis to bring those in the temperature-controlled transit industry together for knowledge growth. Presenters share insights, challenges, and case studies to identify trends that may impact the industry to proactively create solutions. Akuratemp® hopes to collaborate with fellow temperature-controlled packaging experts to continue improving cold chain packaging and monitoring technology. 


    ABOUT Akuratemp® 

    Akuratemp®, a division of RGEES LLC, is based in Arden, NC. RGEES was founded in 2009 with the mission to manufacture energy-efficient and environmental-friendly products. We design and make savENRG® Phase Change Materials packaged in flexible and rigid encapsulations for pharmaceutical temperature-controlled packaging companies. Akuratemp® specimen transport products are our flagship courier sized kits built specifically for the needs of cancer, gene, and stem cell clinical trial studies. To learn more, visit www.akuratemp.com.