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Mindray is a leading provider of IVD devices and reagents with core business in hematology, clinical chemistry and CLIA. Our solutions cover diverse laboratory needs worldwide. We have industry leading hematology analyzers and scalable automation lines, wide-range chemistry analyzers with traceable reagents, immunoassay systems with full assays, and new products in flow cytometry, HPLC analysis, coagulation, etc.. Our products serve in healthcare facilities in over 150 countries and regions.


  • BS-430
    BS-430 is a perfect solution for the middle to high workload laboratories looking for an one-stop solution for routine chemistries and also COVID parameters...

  • For BS-430, users can benefit from its minimal reaction volume feature and with less reagent consumption and less patient-sample requirement as well. Also, a hardware module can be attached to the system for electrolyte tests. The instrument is associated with a number of safety features such as sample probe clog detection, horizontal and vertical probe movement collision protection, effective interior and exterior probe washing with a waterfall wash station design. The Smart Sampling technique allows users to run direct HbA1c (excellent diabetic monitor marker) tests without manual intervention as this instrument is capable of pipetting the packed cells from the bottom layer of centrifuged whole blood anti-coagulant added tubes. This makes the system a true walkaway system and at the same time maintaining the integrity of the test results. BS-430 instrument has grating-based photometer with 12 wavelengths and a durable tungsten-halogen lamp. It has built-in bar code reader and bi-directional LIS connection, the software has quality control values monitoring features with automatic L-J graph plotting system; it is very useful to our users for maintaining instrument performance records for any accreditation or  documentation purpose.