Tangen Biosciences, Inc.

780R E Main St
Branford,  CT  06405

United States

Tangen has developed an innovative platform that enables molecular diagnostic technology to move out of traditional laboratories by providing low cost, portable, and rapid diagnostic capabilities for a variety of applications. There is currently an unmet need in the market for truly flexible nucleic acid-based diagnostic devices, which Tangen’s platform, the Tangen Molecular Diagnostic System TangenDx™, is designed to fill. What sets TangenDx™ apart from competitors is the capability to detect a broad array of targets simultaneously on a single sample, while maintaining low cost, easy workflow, and extreme sensitivity. Tangen believes that this is the future of diagnostics, and a technology such as the TangenDx™ will eventually bring high quality molecular testing to the traditional laboratory setting, and also to settings outside the laboratory, such as clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and even into the hands of rural health care providers in less developed regions of the world.