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M2 microarrays spotters and OEM array readers (colorimetric and fluorometric imaging). High-speed reagent dispenser for low volume microtiter plate fills. Label-free real-time molecular binding multiplex measurements, from iRiS Kinetics.


  • Iris Kinetics MX-100 Label-Free System
    The IRIS Kinetics MX-100 allows label-free real-time quantitative molecular binding measurements for DNA, proteins, peptides and small molecules. The multiplexed format offers accurate measurement of binding kinetic data for hundreds of probes simultaneously on an easy-to-use automated system....

  • Binding kinetics made easy!

    Measure label-free interactions for a wide range of biomolecules such as oligos, proteins and small molecules. The Iris Kinetics MX-100 system generates very reproducible data and can detect binding events from molecules as small as 250 MW. A linear dynamic range of nearly 4 orders of magnitude is possible, which is comparable to standard SPR and considerably better than other multiplexed alternative (SPRi)

    The liquid flow cell allows true binding kinetics to be measured.

    It can be used for single analytes, or for a few multiplex ones in a manual process.  The large chips can be spotted by hand for small number of molecules.

    To measure a large number of biomolecular interactions at the same time, the chips can be spotted with arrays of hundreds of molecules.  The system integrates seemlessly with M2-automation spotting systems.  Sensor chips can be spotted as a service and delivered to you ready-to-use, or you can spot your own by acquiring a small spotting system

    The low cost disposable chips make this paltform truly affordable.

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