Sight Diagnostics Inc.

68 34th Street
Mailbox Unit Number: 1
Brooklyn,  NY  11232

United States

Sight Diagnostics Ⓡ is a blood diagnostic company that combines machine vision and AI to improve health through fast, convenient and accurate diagnostics. Sight OLO Ⓡ , Sight’s latest blood analyzer, digitizes blood with only 2 drops of a finger prick or venous sample and provides lab-grade CBC results in minutes. Sight has growing offices in the UK, the US and Israel.

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  • Sight OLOⓇ
    Sight OLO Ⓡ is a compact blood analyzer that delivers lab-grade Complete Blood Count results in minutes from 2 drops of blood obtained from a fingerstick or venous sample....

  • Sight OLO is a compact blood analyzer that performs a ubiquitous and essential blood test, the Complete Blood Count. It delivers lab-grade results in minutes from two drops of blood obtained from a finger prick or venous sample. Through a patented method of digitizing blood, Sight OLO automates the identification and counting of different blood cell types and anomalies with Sight’s proprietary AI and machine vision algorithms. With its digital fluorescent microscopy, Sight OLO generates over 1,000 images -- equivalent to six gigabytes of data -- from each blood sample.

    Sight OLO has been recognized by top academic institutions as a transformational innovation. It is the first device to receive FDA clearance for a CBC test directly from a fingerstick sample.

    With a more economical model than traditional large scale machines found in laboratories, Sight aims to increase accessibility to affordable blood diagnostics, especially for more rural countries. Sight OLO’s simple-to-use solution allows health institutions to adopt it with ease and ultimately bring blood testing closer to the patient.