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Eurotrol provides quality control materials with specialized formulations for critical care, laboratories and point-of-care sites in hospitals, clinics, proficiency testing providers, standardization bodies and instrument manufacturers (OEM). Our menu includes daily QC, calibration verification materials and standards. CueSee online, a data submission service providing statistical analysis, peer comparison and graphical reports, is complementary. Eurotrol supplies products and services worldwide.


  • CueSee VeriSTAT in CueSee Ringe
    CueSee VeriSTAT offer complete quality control, cal/ver & reportable range validation for i-STAT test systems. Each liquid covers blood gasses, electrolytes & hematocrit over optimized ranges. Packaged in the new CueSee Ringe the liquids will have extended open stability of 5+ minutes and revolutionary safe opening and simple dosing....

  • CueSee Ringe packaging of CueSee VeriSTAT for i-Stat cartridges will increase open stability time to 5+ minutes. This along with current specifications of the all-in-one products & competitive pricing make CueSee VeriSTAT a best choice for required quality control, calibration verification & reportable range validation. CueSee Ringe’s patented design of a special glass ampule is easily opened. The sealed device reduces risk of cut fingers & decreases environmental contamination of the liquid resulting in a much longer open stability time and improved precision. Once activated CueSee Ringe functions like a syringe making cartridge dosing safe & simple. This patented design is ideal for many ampule-stored quality control liquids.

  • CueSee Coag in CueSee Mix
    The innovative packaging of CueSee Coag separates the lyophilized material from the liquid until activation by a simple twist resulting in a reliable POC Coag QC. In addition to reduction of matrix interactions the material is easily & safely tested using the integrated dropper bottle....

  • CueSee Mix is an innovative dual-chambered device which separates fractions of QC material. CueSee Mix has many applications due to ease of use, no need for pipetting & reduction of matrix interactions – all in a single container. It is ideal for creating liquid matrixes that mimic human specimens & is suitable for QC, proficiency & competency testing, cal/ver & method validation. The CueSee Mix design has led to the development of CueSee Coag a unique POC QC. The lyophilized material is kept separate from the liquid until activation by an easy twisting motion.  After equilibration, the QC material is safely tested by use of the integrated dropper.  CueSee Coag will be available in clinically significant ranges to ensure accurate patient results.

  • CueSee CO-OX in ACU-Drop II
    CueSee CO-OX is a QC for CO-oximeters with real hemoglobin derivatives. Its ACU-Drop II packaging provides long shelf life & ability to provide relevant ranges of all Hgb forms. The two chambered device separates the Hgb fractions until mixed by simply pushing a button. Sampling is easy with the integrated dropper or by attaching a syringe....

  • CueSee CO-OX is a revolutionary QC for CO-oximeters with real hemoglobin derivatives performing like patient samples. Packaged in the ACU-Drop II a two chambered device that keeps the OxyHb & COHb separated from the MetHb provides a long shelf-life and relevant ranges of all Hgb fractions.  Once ready to use, simply push a button to mix the fractions & use the built-in dropper bottle or attach a syringe to test. The all-in-one container reduces pre-analytical errors and provides reliable results due to reduction in matrix interferences. Currently available in 6 clinical levels and compatible with all common CO-oximeters.  It is ideal for quality control, method comparisons, reportable range validation & proficiency testing.

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