Clinical Technology, Inc.

7005 South Edgerton Road
Brecksville,  OH  44141

United States
  • Booth: 1040

Distributor of the ONLY in vitro, closed, CLIA-Waived POC Bedside pH Indicator for confirming gastric acidity. Used to assess feeding tube or lavage tube tip position, without x-ray, of tubes intended to end in the stomach. This critical identifier prevents tubes from inadvertently being placed in lungs; identified displaced tubes. This fully-closed collection and testing system protects clinicians and patients from exposure to aspirate; which may contain blood. Indicated for neonates to adults.

 Press Releases

  • We are excited to announce we will be showing the RightSpotpH Indicator. A patient safety product that allows you to via in-vitro connection determine the proper placement of a feeding or suction tube intended to end in the stomach. This CLIA waived bedside POC test connects directly to the feeding tube for on-device 50 microliter specimen collection and testing, Its on-device reference key allows for sample value determination and disposal as one piece. A must for the new demands of pts requiring feeding or suction tubes as the use of auscultation (the WHOOSH test) is not evidence based nor best practice.  Use pH first, x-ray when appropriate, and auscultate NEVER. 

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