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Fapon Biotech Inc., founded in 2001, adheres to the mission of "Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable", while focusing on the future needs and trends of biotechnology development, and committed to providing global diagnostic companies with high-performance IVD reagent raw materials, such as antigens, antibodies, and enzymes, as well as reagent solutions and innovative open instrument platforms. Our products and services are highly integrated, promoting synergic resources and shared values to the industry, making the developments of diagnostic technologies benefiting more people, advancing the cause of human health. Nowadays, the company has over 1000 partners around the world and is one of the very few Chinese IVD companies that have entered the high-end markets of developed countries in Europe, North America and Asia (Japan).

 Press Releases

  • Mucormycosis or black fungus, a devastating infection that soars in India during COVID-19 has seized global attention. Recently, the country's mucormycosis cases reached over 57,150 and resulted in 54% mortality. Apart from the association with high diabetes prevalence in India, COVID-19 infected countries (Pakistan, Russia, Nepal, Chile, Brazil, etc.) have also described the same issue, areas with high diabetes and COVID-19 infection rates should be alarmed. 

    Unfortunately, mucormycosis is always being diagnosed late with prolonged COVID-19 healthcare burdens that deteriorate the situation. As a company making continuous research and contribution to the world's major infectious diseases with the mission to Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable, Fapon Biotech Inc. calls for cooperation with academic and industry partners in developing mucormycosis diagnostic tests to ease the challenge by sharing the abilities of upstream raw material development platforms and downstream reagent application platforms. Welcome to talk with us via FPBLACKFUNGUS today. 

    Your Trusted Partner, Fapon Biotech Inc. 
    20+ years of diagnostic industry experience, 1000+ partners worldwide with 10+ years of business operation in India
    Mainstream COVID-19 reagent raw material suppliers with proven experiences helping partners to launch accredited COVID-19 reagents in a short time, which has supported the manufacturing of 1,000,000,000 COVID-19 diagnostic tests in the world
    A strong relationship with laboratories and IVD manufacturers in India provides fast access to resources and commercial opportunities, such as clinical samples for research and product validation, technology iterations, product launch and promotion, etc.

    Accelerate Your Workflow of Black Fungus Assay from Biomarker Discovery to Commercialization
    Design-Fusion Protein Expression & Purification Platform / Antibody Engineering Technology Platform / RabMAbs Technology Platform

    Production- Large-Scale Fermentation Platform
    Quality Control- Antigen & Antibody Application Performance Evaluation Platform / Physical & Chemical Analysis Platform

    Other Hot-Selling Products to Combat Covid-19
    NP Antibodies for Ag Test
    N & S Proteins for Ab test
    Neutralizing Antibody Test Solution
    HAMA Blocker for Ag Test
    Secondary Antibodies
    Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Solution
    Enzymes for Fast Nucleic Acid Test & Isothermal Amplification
    Lyophilized One-Step RT-PCR Mix
    NGS Test Solution for Variant Identification

  • (DONGGUAN, ChinaAug. 10, 2020)Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon), a global leading IVD raw materials and one-stop solutions company, announces a new COVID-19 donation to meet the urgent demand for development and optimization of reliable quality controls for high-quality antibody tests by donating 100 million Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Fully Human RBD IgM & IgG QC test materials. The first donation initiated in February to provide 3 million PCR test components to solve the shortage of raw materials. The new charitable action will reinforce Fapon's corporate mission to Enable Earlier Disease Identification; More Convenient, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis upon the fight of COVID-19.

    The daily production of COVID-19 antibody tests is massive, as it is not only applied to assess infection but also other medical fields. However, news of false-negative test results has never stopped. Fapon RBD IgM & IgG QC materials can aid the development and optimization of reliable quality controls, ultimately improve antibody test performance and tackle the false-negative challenge.

    "In this unprecedented time with continually changing medical needs, we are utterly resolute in bringing tangible, beneficial impacts on the industry by supporting partners with what they need now and next," stated by the CEO of Fapon.

    "The industry's feedback on our first PCR donation was extraordinary. We alleviated the raw material shortage. PCR manufacturers over forty countries collaborated with us to develop and manufacture tests. We had supplied raw materials for the manufacturing of over 100 million diagnostic tests and ramped up the production capacity of 500%."

    "This second donation offers high-demand QC materials that sit in the heart of reliable antibody tests. It will help to accelerate the internal QC process and achieve test result confidence. We strongly look forward to the participation of global IVD partners."

    Fapon manifests unmatched R&D capabilities during the pandemic to bring new COVID-19 products continuously to the market. Featured products include N Antibodies, N/S/RBD Antigens, ACE2 Antigens, Secondary Antibodies, Direct One-Step RT-PCR Test Components, Enzymes and others. 

  • DONGGUAN, China,17 January.2021)Fapon Biotech, a mainstream COVID-19 raw materials supplier to the global top-profile reagent manufacturers, introduced pioneering COVID-19 antibodies for antigen lateral flow testing to detect and differentiate COVID-19 and the most notable variant B.1.1.7 (also known as SARS-CoV-2 VUI 202012/01) in human samples.

    Variant strain surveillance is vital for COVID-19 control. Variants such as B.1.1.7 that causes 40-70% higher transmissibility and false-negative results on some PCR tests had drawn concerns and investigation from scientists and healthcare authorities like WHO, FDA and others. According to WHO’s report on December 14at least 50 countries had confirmed the identification of B.1.1.7 cases.

    The market demand for COVID-19 variant testing was once determined and anticipated by Fapon Biotech R&D team upon revealing the UK variant genome sequence. The company took the R&D approach from a different angle, adopted the idea of reverse technology design, and rapidly introduced the technology with a unique principle that can be used widely to identify variant strains.

    The launch of the product and technology took Fapon Biotech’s corporate mission, ‘Enable Earlier Disease Identification, More Convenient, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis’ a step further in COVID-19 strain surveillance, adding great addition to current variant strain genome sequencing and PCR testing technologies. Fapon Biotech will continue keeping pace with changing trends in COVID-19 diagnosis and innovate to roll out products to help customers unlock market opportunities.

  • (Dongguan, China, March 30, 2020) -- Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon), a global leading IVD raw materials and one-stop solutions company offering products and technologies to enable the rapid development and production of reagents, initiated a global donation to give a total of 3 million PCR test components to IVD partners. Most PCR reagent manufacturers in China are currently using Fapon products for COVID-19 test development and production. Driven by the corporate mission 'Improving Human Health and Human Development', the company is dedicated to helping more overseas partners.

    'Fapon has shown an unmatched diagnostic power in the current pandemic. We are driving the COVID-19 diagnosis by supporting the industry with products and technical supports,' commented the CEO of Fapon. 'When the virus hit China, we gave in order to relieve the industry from reagent raw material shortage, ensuring a stable reagent supply in the CDC, hospitals, ICLs, etc. As our global IVD fellows are now facing similar challenges creating tests for COVID-19, we will keep running the donation and contributing efforts towards their battles.'

    Fapon was an early responder in joining the COVID-19 battle in China. When the outbreak hit at the beginning of the Chinese New Year holiday, Fapon built an Emergency Response Team within 24 hours to provide PCR solutions to over 80 industry partners. To boost the immediate participation of IVD partners, along with COVID-19 screening and diagnosis, Fapon offered 2 million free products in domestic sales orders.

    Fapon has shared COVID-19 news with overseas partners since January, paving the way for a quick consensus in the COVID-19 assay development. In March, Fapon extended the donation to a global scale. Overseas partners have signed up for applications to seek R&D and production assistance in COVID-19 reagents. Furthermore, Fapon employees have been working around the clock to provide a sustainable supply to the global IVD industry. Fapon is committed to unremitting efforts in the COVID-19 battle and calls on more participation of IVD partners in the donation.


  • Shine i1000 Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer
    Features: Up to 120 T/H; First result in ≤ 15 min; Batch CV ≤ 3%; Compatible with AE/AP/HRP/ABEI CLIA assay protocol; Incubation, washing and detection all-in-one; 50+ patented technologies, 100% self-developed; Batch/random/STAT mode available; Integrated control panel with machine, all consumable loading in real time;...

  • Shine i1000 Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer——One-Stop CLIA Solution for IVD Manufacturers

    Excellent Performance

    • Up to 120 T/H, First result in ≤ 15 min
    • Batch CV ≤ 3%

    Flexible and High-Quality

    • Volume of 0.2m³, patented technology for highly integrated and simplified design
    • Batch/random/STAT mode available
    • Integrated control panel with machine, all consumable loading in real time

    Innovative Design

    • Incubation, washing and detection all-in-one, detection efficiency improved
    • Using automatic intelligent control technology, low instrument failure rate
    • 50+ patented technologies, 100% self-developed

    Compatible system

    • Compatible with AE/AP/HRP/ABEI CLIA assay protocol
    • Compatible with immunological reagents and instruments with different parameters and reaction modes

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