YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)

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United States
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  • YES EcoCoat™ Silane Vapor Deposition System
    Ensure strong covalent bonding of biomolecules to silicon wafers, glass slides or thermoplastic surfaces. Modify surfaces to promote/prevent adhesion. The manual load YES EcoCoat™ with in-situ gas plasma meets demanding process development and volume production requirements, providing excellent silane monolayer deposition uniformity....

  • The YES EcoCoat™ meets demanding R&D and volume production challenges for microfluidic devices, microarrays, anti-stiction films, nanoimprint lithography, and AR/VR adhesion layers.

    • Strong covalent bonding of biomolecules to glass, plastic, or silicon substrates
    • Excellent silane monolayer deposition uniformity
    • Excellent thermal uniformity
    • Adhesion promotion/prevention; control hydrophobicity
    • Clean & activate surfaces with in-situ plasma

    The EcoCoat’s flexible chemical vapor delivery system works with a wide range of organosilanes. Three independent vapor lines deliver multiple precursors (small test bottles or large ampoules) or water to enable surface hydration for optimal silane-substrate bonding. Flexible chamber shelving/electrodes allow the large-capacity chamber to process substrate form factors from wafers (200/300 mm) to glass slides and 3D thermoplastic devices.

    For automated high-throughput manufacturing, the YES EcoCoat HVM and the YES UltraCoat™ are also available. For more information, email or visit