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A little about us: HSA is a leading supplier of precision Hydrological & Meteorological Sensors and Instrumentation for Water Flow, Water Level, Snow Measurement, Rainfall Measurement, Data Loggers and Cellular and Satellite Telemetry, serving the United States, Central & South America. We have been in business for over 20 years supplying individual sensors and complete turnkey systems along with service and technical support from our offices in Lake Worth, Florida. We work closely with numerous city, county, state and federal agencies such as NOAA Severe Storm Labs, US Geological Survey, US Army Corp of Engineers, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Department of Agriculture, as well as many city, county and state agencies throughout the country.  

Our Products: Of particular interest to our customers are our new generation of Non-Contact Radar Sensors for the measurement of Water Level, Surface Velocity and Discharge.  The availability of real-time discharge data has become increasingly important to water authorities who require detailed data quickly for optimal water management strategies. Real time computation is the most valuable measurement of all minimizing 'uncertainty' and ushering in a whole new chapter in the customer's ability to gain precise discharge measurements in a wide variety of complex flow conditions.  

HSA is also a major supplier of Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges such as the models TB3, TB4 and TB6 which are used by many authorities around the world including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Malaysia and Thailand to name a few.  

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HSA is a leading supplier of precision Hydrological & Meteorological Sensors and Instrumentation for Water Flow, Water Level, Snow Measurement, Rainfall Measurement, Data Acquisition and Telemetry, serving the United States, Central & South America. We have been in business for over 20 years supplying individual sensors and complete turnkey systems along with service and technical support from our offices in Lake Worth, Florida. We work closely with numerous city, county, state and federal agencies such as NOAA Severe Storm Labs, US Geological Survey, US Army Corp of Engineers, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Department of Agriculture, as well as many city, county and state agencies throughout the country.


SOMMER family of Radars 2018

 Press Releases


  • RQ-30 Non-Contact Velocity & Discharge Radar
    Real time computation of Flow and Velocity<br />...

  • A Smarter Sensor - A Radar that learns

    With the ability to accurately measure both velocity and level and compute flow in real time, Non-Contact Radar is becoming a game-changer for water authorities around the world.

    Mounted safely high above the water away from potentially damaging debris and fouling, the RQ-30 is a highly effective tool in the hands of the the water professional, enabling velocity and discharge measurements to be obtained at sites previously thought too challenging or dangerous

    The Sommer RQ-30 incorporates both a Radar Level Sensor and a Radar Velocity Sensor in one compact enclosure. These two radar sensors simultaneously and continuously measure water level and velocity. Using this continuous data plus cross-section information stored in the RQ-30, the RQ-30 is able to compute and output Discharge Data in real time and from the moment it is activated.

    With the advanced ability to provide discharge data from the moment it is deployed, the RQ-30 begins to gather data at an unprecedented rate not only providing accurate real-time level, velocity and discharge data, but laying the foundation for its advanced ‘Machine Learning’ feature to kick in.

    This ability to continuously measure level and velocity AND compute flow in real time, fires up the advanced pattern recognition feature of the RQ-30, accelerating the building of a highly reliable internal rating curve.

    Data in Real Time

    The availability of real-time discharge data has become increasingly important to water authorities who require detailed data quickly for optimal water management strategies. The  conventional method is the development of a relation called a “stage-discharge rating” by taking periodic measurements of the discharge using mechanical current meters or acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP) for a range of stages. Complex flow conditions may negate stable stage-discharge ratings and make the use of conventional methods impractical or impossible. These conditions include flow reversals, backwater effects and hysteresis effects.

    At low flow rates wind can create surface waves by accelerating or decelerating the water surface that can impact the accuracy of velocity a nd discharge measurements.  This is especially so with wide, deep, slow moving rivers.  Deep channels with a calm, glassy surface tend to pick up wind effects easily. 

    To compensate for this and other environmental influences, the RQ-30 Radar incorporates an ‘Advanced Machine Learning’ feature that continuously builds an internal relationship between Level and Velocity. The more often a velocity or velocities are measured at a specific water level, the stronger the stage/discharge relationship for that specific level becomes.

    The RQ-30 continues to measure and record the relationship between level and velocity and thus, the more often a value is “Learned”, the stronger and more accurate the learning becomes. This gives the RQ-30 the amazing ability to eliminate wind and other environmental effects and provide accurate flow data even in challenging applications.

    With over 2000 radars now in operation in more than 20 countries, Sommer Messtechnik have refined and perfected Non-Contact Discharge measurement technology and bring an unmatched  level of innovation and expertise to this field.

  • CFX Cable Fox ACDP Towing System for Cableways
    Innovative remote controlled ADCP Towing and Positioning system....

  • The Cable Fox is part of our family of Cableway systems.  Check out our other Cableway innovations including the Hornet  Plus, Hornet SS, Flying Fox and Span Master. 

    Cable Fox ADCP Towing System for Cableways

    Unmanned Remote Controlled Cableways are transforming the way we work and measure out in the field, providing unprecedented flexibility and safety. Recent innovations have provided significant advances allowing cableways to operate in varied terrains and solving challenging problems.

    The Cable Fox (CFX) is an innovative remote control cableway traversing system from Hydrological Services for performing discharge measurements using an ADCP (Accoustic Doppler Current Profiler). What distinguishes the Cable Fox (CFX) from other cableway systems, is its ability to operate on any existing cable without the need for additional accessories such as endless wire set ups. The CFX is operated wirelessly with a range of up to 1312 ft (400 meters) thereby ensuring the hydrographer can not only safely undertake the discharge measurement from the bank, but also freely move around the site and observe any approaching debris. The CFX is a portable unit with low power consumption allowing the user to gauge several sites in the same day. The modular design of the Cable Fox allows for fast and safe set-up and operation. 

    Key features:
    • Portable
    • Easy set up
    • Robust Construction
    • User selectable variable traversing speed
    • Raise/Lower capability
    • Auto ‘retrieve’ feature
    • LCD on remote control-displays key measurements

    Operates on any new or existing Cableway

    With a wireless remote control range of more than 1,300 ft, on-the-fly adjustable traversing speed (0.1 to 2.0 ft/sec), integrated encoder for across the stream distance measurement, raise/lower capability up to 220 lbs and its ability to operate on any new or existing cableway without additional accessories such as endless wire set ups…

    “It’s no wonder the Cable Fox has become an indispensable instrument for making measurements in challenging locations.”

    Peter Ward, Founder/CEO Hydrological Services America

  • RQ-30 ADMS - All in one Discharge Radar System
    Autonomous Discharge Measurement System. Non-Contact Discharge measurement Radar Sensor with integrated data logger and 3G/4G cellular telemetry...

  • The all in one RQ-30 ADMS Autonomous Discharge Measurement Radar System delivers reliable Non-Contact discharge measurement with integrated data logger and 3G/4G cellular telemetry.

    Features include: 

    • Maintenance free
    • No structural construction in water needed
    • Fully operational even in flood water situation
    • Low power consumption allows solar cell implementation
    • Detection of flow direction 
    • Measurement range from 0.5 ft/s to 50 ft/s (depending on flow conditions)
    • Recognition of hysteresis effects
    • Measurement in back water situations
    • Recognition of vegetal invasion
    • Measurement in tide dependent rivers
    • Integrated communication 3G/4G cellular telemetry
    • Integrated data logger - MRL-7

  • TB4 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
    Precision Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge with integrated siphon mechanism....

  • TB4 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

    Our Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is recognized as the world standard for measuring rainfall and precipitation in remote and unattended locations.  The TB4 offers an integrated brass syphon control mechanism that delivers high levels of accuracy across a broad range of rainfall intensities.  The gauge consists of a collector funnel with leaf filter with an outer enclosure complete with quick release fasteners with the base housing the tipping bucket mechanism.  

    80% Reduction in Clogs observed after switching to our Rain Gauge

    One of the standout features of all of our Rain Gauges including the TB4 is the innovative Finger Filter.  Nashville Metro Water achieved an 80% reduction in clogs after switching to our Rain Gauge.  This is due to the difference between the flat screen filter on many tipping buckets and the innovative finger filter on our TB3, TB4 & TB6.  30 months after upgrade the actual % reduction was 83% and over the course of the evaluation period, the cumulative reduction has ranged from an 80% to an 84% reduction.                                                                        

  • Ultimate Snow Measurement Station
    The Ultimate Snow Measurement Station comprises an SMA-2 Snow Melt Analyzer, SSG-2 Fluidless Snow Pillow and a USH-9 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor complete with MRL-7 Data Logger (3G/4G)....

  • The Ultimate Snow Measurement Station provides everything you need for precision Snow Measurement of Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), Snow Depth and Snowmelt analysis in a multitude of applications.  The system comprises a stainless steel equipment cabinet with SMA-2 Analyzer,  MRL-7 Data Logger with 3G or 4G Cellular Telemetry, an SSG-2 Fluidless Snow Pillow and USH-9 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor with ceramic measuring cell.

    Here's a few of the highlights of each of the key components:

    SMA : Snow Melt Analyzer

    The Snow Melt Analyser (SMA) constitutes the ideal measuring solution for the analysis of snowmelt. With its help, melting processes in the snow can be detected and the water run-off can be calculated and used for flood forecasts or for water management.

    Points of Interest

    • Forecasting of water run-off during snowmelt
    • Recording of the snow parameters: snow water equivalent (SWE), snow density, liquid water content and ice content
    • Early recognition of an increase in the liquid water content in the snow pack
    • Simple installation and configuration, no calibration necessary
    • Low energy consumption, solar-powered operation is possible

    MRL-7 Data Logger

    Collecting, processing, storing and transmitting of monitoring data  is easy, convenient and quick. The MRL-7 is a battery run, data modem supported logger with splash-proof housing, USB data read-out functions and integrated solar charge controller. The highly energy efficient operating mode as well as a weatherproof box qualifies the MRL-7 for data applications in remote areas far from any infrastructure.

    Points of Interest

    • Weatherproof logger with integrated remote data transmission using 3G or 4G cellular telemetry 
    • Reliable and energy-saving: optimized to collect environmental monitoring data in remote areas without any infrastructure
    • Logger can operate fully independently (with batteries or solar module)
    • Ideal integration and compatibility with complete SOMMER sensor family as well as popular sensor technology products
    • Backlit display for easy data reading and logger parameterization
    • Parameterization via RS-232 and Bluetooth
    • Data readout with USB memory stick or Bluetooth-interface
    • Minimum energy demand; integrated solar charge controller
    • Solid, compact, and weatherproof aluminum box (powder coated)

    SSG-2 : Fluidless Snow Pillow for Ground Applications

    The SSG-2 Fluidless Snow Pillow (Snow Scale) is a precision Snow Water Equivalent measuring device designed for quick and easy installation and implementation in the field. A broad outer frame of plates combines with the center measuring plate to distribute the load across a large area. The use of lightweight aluminum materials minimizes thermal resistance improving heat flow throughout the device for better emulation of natural conditions.

    The working principle of the SSG-2 is based on the measuring principle of load cells. The sensor con­sists of seven perforated plates, each plate measuring 31.44" x 47.16"(inches). The center panel and six surrounding panels allow water to percolate through the sensor. Water percolation minimizes thermal differences between the sen­sor while surrounding panels act to buffer the cen­ter panel, where SWE is measured, from stress concentrations that develop along the perime­ter of the sensor. This system allows accurate measurement even during periods of rapid snow settlement following large snow accumulations.

    USH-9 Snow Depth Sensor

    The robust design of the USH-9 makes it ideal for the reliable measurement of snow-depth in extreme conditions. It is used by the central weather service all over Europe as well as by the avalanche warning services in high mountain regions. The ultrasonic membrane incorporated into the USH-9 stands out due to its long service life.

    The additional air-temperature detection feature permits precise measurement of snow-depth over a wide temperature range.

    The powerful ultrasonic impulses emitted by this snow depth sensor deliver reliable readings even when there is a difficult reflection ratio, as is the case with powdery or fresh snow.

    The sensor is characterized by its high level of operating reliability, low energy consumption and ease of use in the field. The operating parameters and adjustment settings of the USH-9 are controlled simply and easily via a standard terminal program installed on a PC or laptop computer.

    Points of Interest

    •  Designed for extreme conditions
    •  Robust sealed ceramic membrane that never requires replacement
    •  Correct measurement during snowfall and snow drift
    •  Protective shield against icing
    •  Integrated lightning protection
    •  High measuring accuracy due to integrated temperature compensation (with dual direction radiation shield)
    •  Extreme low power consumption: number of measurements is adjustable; measurement can be triggered by SDI-12 and sleep mode between the measuring phases
    •  Simple sensor integration - analogue and digital interfaces
    •  Incorporation of new parameters;
      • recognition that snow is falling 
      • measurement of the snowfall intensity
      • recognition if snow is staying on the ground or not (on artificial grounds e.g. road, concrete, PVC plates)
    •  Measure distance and snow height up to 32.8 ft (10m)
    •  Adjustable number of measurements and filters