Pro-Oceanus Systems, Inc.  

Bridgewater,  NS 
  • Booth: 1362

Pro-Oceanus provides the most advanced technologies for in situ measurement of dissolved gases including CO2, CH4, and total dissolved gas pressure, TDGP. Measurements of dissolved gases in natural waters provide critical information for understanding the dynamics of greenhouse gases, distribution of pollutants, and determining the health of sensitive ecosystems.


  • Solu-Blu CO2
    Designed for groundwater, laboratory, aquaculture and shallow water applications, the rugged Solu-Blu CO2 instrument provides users with a range of options in one small sensor package....

  • The Solu-Blu series of sensors from Pro-Oceanus are the latest additions to our selection of dissolved gas sensors. 

    The Solu-Blu dissolved CO2 probe can be used for long-term continuous in-situ monitoring that provides reliable free dissolved carbon dioxide data. The probe provides a fully temperature and pressure compensated free dissolved CO2 and partial pressure of CO2, and user-input salinity values allow for automatic salinity correction. Flow-through and in-line adapters are also available for simple and effective industrial solutions.

    Applications for the sensor include: monitoring CO2 in recirculation aquaculture systems, measurement of CO2 in lakes and rivers as well as groundwater studies.