HealthyPhoton Technology Co., Ltd.  

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HealthyPhoton Technology Co., Ltd. is the FIRST company in China focused on the mid/far-infrared quantum cascade laser gas spectroscopy technology. We possess core intellectual property in the field of high-sensitivity spectroscopic analysis of trace gas molecules. The products are mainly used in environmental monitoring, industrial process control, as well as geophysical research applications.


  • HPE-1817 Open-path Trace NH3 Analyzers
    An open-path QCL-based sensor for fast and 0.5ppb sensitivity measurements of ammonia. HPE-1817 can be used for eddy covariance studies, which can accurately quantify the net exchange flux of atmospheric ammonia at various ecosystems....

  • Open Path, Ultra-sensitive, and Fast Response Deployment

    Ultra-sensitive NH3 density measurement using laser spectroscopy.

    No pump required, no time delays or attenuation from adsorption on the tubing.

    Fast response for large NH3 concentration change.

    Portable Design for Versatile Field Deployment

    Strong environmental adaptability and vibration resistance.

    Enhanced carbon fiber spars that minimize drift.

    Heated mirrors that avoid signal loss due to condensation.

    Remote Field and Mobile Measurement

    Low power that can be supplied by a solar panel or battery.

    Lightweight, easy installation, and maintenance in remote field or on a vehicle.