• Booth: 720

Lunitek designs and produces instruments for seismic and structural monitoring, providing also services and solutions for a wide range of applications including sesmology, civil engineering and oil&gas. With more than 20 years experience in the field of instrumentation design for seismic and structural monitoring Lunitek operates in Italy and abroad and collaborates with universities and research centers.

 Press Releases

  • (Nov 11, 2019)

    LUNITEK has been manufacturing electronic instruments since 2000 to serve the automotive, industrial and structural-health monitoring sectors.

    MCDR-M-128 was our first instrument when the company had the LEANE NET brand. It was a multichannel modular datalogger, capable of recording input from different types of sensors including thermocouples, strain gages, encoders, and accelerometers.

    Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Bridgestone, Enel, ABB, Ansaldo, Italian Civil Defense are among others who use our instruments. Some of these companies have been using our dataloggers in their daily operations for almost twenty years.

    In 2013, we became LUNITEK and moved the focus of our core business to the seismic and structural-health monitoring markets. With our years of experience and know-how on hardware development, we invested in innovation and paid attention to details. 

    Today, LUNITEK offers a wide range of top-quality products including dataloggers and accelerometers for structural-health monitoring, velocimeters, short-period and broadband seismographs for geophysical surveys, acoustic emission dataloggers with patented algorithms, rugged instrumentations for use in harsh field conditions, rotational accelerometers for special applications, premium quality entry-level instruments for widespread deployment, GNSS monitoring solutions and accessories to meet the customers’ needs.

    LUNITEK is proudly participating at AGU2019 in San Francisco to present and promote its cutting-edge and high-quality products.

    We will exhibit at booth 720 together with our U.S. partner and dealer Dr. Erol Kalkan, who is also the founder of QuakeLogic Inc.—an artificial intelligence-powered disaster risk management company, located in Roseville California. QuakeLogic’s software is integrated and synergistically works with LUNITEK dataloggers and sensors.

    We are looking forward to having you at our booth to show our products and present our disaster risk management and monitoring solutions.