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Seequent is a global leader in the development of powerful geoscience analysis, modelling, and collaborative technologies. Our solutions enable people to uncover valuable insights from data, creating rich stories and ultimately make better decisions about earth, environment, and energy challenges. A team of over 350 people including geoscientists, engineers and researchers, in 18 locations worldwide, are creating innovative technology solutions for a better future. Private enterprises, centres of learning, and government organisations rely on Seequent’s solutions to find new ways to solve increasingly complex problems, manage risk and make informed decisions across the lifecycle of large-scale projects. Geosoft is now part of Seequent.


  • Oasis montaj
    Integrated and interactive geoscience analysis and interpretation. Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today's collaborative and multidisciplinary earth exploration....

  • Oasis montaj® provides a powerful suite of modelling and analysis tools for advanced understanding of the Earth's subsurface and subsea environments. Process, map, QA and interpret all your data, including ground and airborne survey geophysics, geochemistry and geology, within one dynamic, 3D environment. 

    • Visualize and analyze all available data to improve the quality of interpretations and inform project decision making. 
    • Create complex 3D earth models of the subsurface for sharing information with colleagues and other stakeholders.    
    • Access over 20 geoscience extensions for all your data processing, interpretation and modelling needs.


    Improve team productivity
    Simplify and automate complex data processing tasks. Streamline workflows to save time and allow you to focus on generating insight and driving results.

    Maximize all your data assets
    Make strategic use of all your existing geology, geophysics, geochemistry and GIS data. Create integrated interpretations that improve project outcomes.

    Collaborate across disciplines
    Effectively share and progress your results with team members and knowledge experts. Work together to better manage project risk, costs and timelines. 

    Make confident decisions
    Connect your 3D models with the original data to validate your thinking. Iteratively build and refine your interpretations as new data is collected and becomes available.

    Oasis montaj Essentials:

    Import and organize your project data
    Import and work with more than 50 supported data types and formats including CAD, GIS, mine planning and modelling formats. Efficiently store large geoscientific datasets in high-performance Geosoft databases and improve data access and usability throughout your project lifecycle. Direct access to data contained in the database is provided through a spreadsheet and an integrated profile display window.

    Rapidly process large data volumes
    Process and conduct quality control on your ground and airborne survey geophysics, geochemistry and geology data. Easily combine data and keep multiple profile windows open for comparison with maps. Work with collections of data points or treat individual points. Rapidly assess and experiment with data in real-time running numerous filters and processes on data with ease.

    Integrate surface and subsurface mapping
    Create integrated maps using geology, geophysics, geochemistry, GIS data and satellite imagery to increase your subsurface understanding. Create grids, add contours, geophysics and remote sensing data to enhance your interpretations and guide decision-making. Work seamlessly across geoscience and GIS environments with built-in ESRI integration and plug-in connectivity with MapInfo.

    Visualize geoscience data in 2D and 3D 
    View, manipulate and analyze of all your data - geology, geochemistry and geophysics - with powerful and fully integrated 3D capabilities. Quickly create rich, detailed 3D views to visualize your geoscience data.

    Utilize fast and efficient gridding techniques
    Quickly and efficiently produce 3D voxels, using direct gridding, IDW or kriging algorithms optimized for large-volume geoscientific data. Interpolate data to produce grids, using minimum curvature, bi-directional, trended, gradient, tinning or kriging gridding routines. Grid processing and enhancement tools include interactive shading display, grid windowing, the ability to create shaded relief grids and display grid outlines. Once a voxel is created, you can easily generate open or closed isosurfaces from the voxels.

    Merge geophysical grids of all sizes
    Rapidly and accurately merge geophysical grids regardless of cell size, projection or grid type with two advanced methods. A blending method for merging grids and a suturing method for defining a join path. The blending method quickly merges grids via standard smoothing functions. The suturing method enables you to automatically or manually define a join path then applies a proprietary multi-frequency correction to eliminate differences between the grids along the path.

    Link common features or areas of interest
    Click on a point on a map and immediately see the exact data point within the database, profile, graph, map, model and/or data view in one, two and three dimensions. Interact with data throughout your project, and immediately evaluate results, to make QA/QC, anomaly location and target selection quicker and more efficient.

    Build 3D subsurface geological models
    Digitize geological interpretations on section and plan maps. Use wireframing tools to easily join interpretations to build 3D subsurface geological models. Manage your interpretations by using a single geostring file to store all the interpretations for a drill hole project. Collaborate on 3D modelling projects by sharing the interpretations and wireframing results.

    Share maps and data
    Easily connect between Oasis montaj and GIS or specialized modelling applications with available plug-ins and data conversion options. Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders by using the Viewer to share projects, maps, grids, 3D views and interpretations. Esri technology is built in to ensure seamless creation, viewing and sharing of ArcGIS MXD and Geosoft Map files between Geosoft and Esri users.

    Find and extract your geospatial data 
    Find, display and extract geospatial data from a variety of data servers for complete investigation and informed decision making. Search internal as well as public servers, including Geosoft DAP, ArcIMS, and Tile servers without leaving the Geosoft environment. 


    Oasis montaj is part of the Seequent solutions

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