Next Generation Spatial Solutions Inc  

Kirkland,  QC 
  • Booth: 1225

NextGSS is the provider of the first multi-generation, sub-second, mission-critical, scalable, Web-based, enterprise display, location, routing and unit recommendations services product. NextGSS is empowering any E911, CAD, NG9-1-1 & NGCAD third party’s solutions with Spatial Capabilities and fully supporting interior and 3D dispatchable locations. NextGSS plug in modules will increase location & situation awareness and PSAP’s team performance while reducing infrastructure & human resources cost.


  • MultiGen Location Services
    MGLS is a multi-generation (E911, CAD, NG9-1-1, and NGCAD) Web-based location services product. This unique scalable product will answer your location queries instantaneously, hence providing mission-critical data to dispatch the closest first responder....

  • A Web based Location application that integrates easily with all CAD products.

    MGLS will work with your maps data, from regional to national levels. Our advanced location services will allow you to properly verify the incident location and establish the best dispatchable location using your pre-defined maps levels (such as but not limited to street, intersection, landmarks etc.). MGLS will empower your PSAP team with unique location base capabilities and unleash the value of your maps data with: wireless calls support, indoor & intersection search, similar civic locations, reverse geo-code and lot more.

    Value Proposition​​

    • Reduce Infrastructure and Human Resources Cost

      • Cloud based deployment

    • Ease of deployment

      • Supporting existing NG9-1-1, E911 or legacy CAD systems data format

    • Reduce Incident Processing Time

      • Sub-second processing time
      • Using primary, secondary (mutual aid & misrouted call area) location approach & returning only one relevant location to the call taker.
      • Indoor search