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For over 40 years Barrett Communications has designed, manufactured and marketed HF radio equipment for specialized, autonomous, long-haul radio applications. HF radio communication is "free to air"; having no recurring usage charges once installed, including voice, email, data, fax, and tracking solutions for base, mobile and manpack applications, covering hundreds of miles. Competitively priced, Barrett products are well known for their quality, reliability, and simple, intuitive operation.


Barrett 4050 HF SDR


  • Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver
    The Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver is the new centrepiece of the Barrett range of HF communications equipment. It combines Software-Defined Radio technology with the intuitive “ease of use” that has become synonymous with the Barrett name....

  • The Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver is the new centrepiece of the Barrett range of HF communications equipment.  It combines Software-Defined Radio technology with the intuitive “ease of use” that has become synonymous with the Barrett name.

    When teamed with other Barrett HF products the versatile Barrett 4050 transceiver provides secure email, data transfer and telephone connectivity within an HF network and onwards to the international telephone network and internet.

    Software-Defined Architecture

    The Barrett 4050's advanced Software-Defined architecture provides complete software control of RF modulation and bandwidths, providing unprecedented flexibility, reliabilityand ease of upgrade. Custom emissions and filter bandwidths of up to 16 kHz can be enabled with a simple software upgrade.

    High Resolution Touch Screen Control

    Access to the most advanced intuitive HF Radio interface on the market via a super bright high definition 24-bit colour touchscreen providing maximum view ability under all lighting conditions.

    IP Network Connectivity

    The Barrett 4050's Wi-Fi adapter makes integration with existing networks simple. For vehicle and remote installations, the Barrett 4050 wireless access point built into the 4050 control head allows mobile cellular handsets and tablets to connect directly to the transceiver. Advanced network configurations are supported by the optional Barrett 4050 Breakout Box (BoB) which provides Ethernet connectivity.

    Multi-Language Menu

    Change the Barrett 4050 language setting at the touch of a button. Each radio ships with multiple language menus including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

    Enhanced DSP Noise Reduction

    The new digital signal processor (DSP) provides clear intelligible voice communications on analogue circuits through the digital removal of background noise and interference. The standard DSP noise reduction system provides outstanding voice quality by reducing radio frequency interference, and the effects of electrical interference by enhancing audio signals to provide easier listening.

    Secure Digital Voice

    The Barrett 4050's Secure Digital Voice option with automatically variable vocoder rates, offer two digital encryption standards. In non-export controlled DES 56 vocoder rates of 700, 1200 and 2400bps or in export controlled AES 256 vocoder rates of 600, 1200 and 2400bps, which delivers leading edge voice communication performance and security at all times.

    Advanced Frequency Hopping (optional)

    The unique, easy to use Frequency Hopping* option requires no central synchronisation station, has no entry or late entry time delay and requires no handshaking. Available hopping rates of 5 or 25 hops per second, using a 8 digit hopping encryption key, with a user selectable hopping bandwidth to suit a variety of antenna types. The system provides excellent protection against electronic warfare (EW) attacks and can be operated for extended periods in the field without synchronisation.

    Advanced Calling Features

    The Barrett 4050 transceiver is fully interoperable with advanced digital selective calling systems commonly used by many peacekeeping and non-government organisations globally. The Barrett 4050 transceiver provides four and six digit selective call features, including telephone interconnect, SMS text, GPS tracking, status  calling, point to point and/or multipoint secure call and remote transceiver disable capabilities.

    Automatic Link Establishment

    Fully backwards compatible 2nd generation (2G) ALE based on MIL-STD-188-141B (JITC certified) and FED-STD-1045 is available optionally for automatic point to point and/or multipoint calling including telephone interconnect, AMD messaging text and GPS position, For superior fast link setup (FLSU), robust packet data and greater penetration on noisy channels, 3rd generation (3G) ALE based on STANAG 4538 is optionally avaialable.

    Data Modems

    Multiple data waveform options are provided for in the Barrett 4050 including MIL-STD-188-110A/B (STANAG 4285, 4415, 4481, 4529, 4539), CLOVER 2500 and the forthcoming CLOVER NG standard. Combined with Barrett's latest Digital Transmission software and intuitive user interface these waveforms provide unparalleled performance with “throughput” rates up to and in excess of 19200 bps.

    Integrated GPS Interface

    Barrett's GPS interface supports connection of any NMEA 0183 external GPS receiver antenna for tracking applications. This interface provides emergency call features and position information on all deployed equivalently equipped HF assets. Combined with Barrett's soon to be released GPS Push tracking solution, Barrett can provide unrivalled asset tracking performance over HF.

    Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Applications

    Control the Barrett 4050 transceiver from all major mobile and desktop platforms. The Barrett 4050 handset app supports iOS, Android and Windows devices for wireless voice and radio control. Full remote control is available via the Barrett 4050 Virtual Control Head app, providing unprecedented access to all transceiver functionality on Windows, iPad and Android tablets.

  • Barrett 4075 high power HF Transmitter
    The Barrett 4075 high power HF Transmitter is a compact rack mounted communications solution developed for base station applications in large HF networks. It can be supplied in 1kW and 500 W versions....

  • The Barrett 4075 high power HF Transmitter is a compact rack mounted communications solution developed for base station applications in large HF networks. It can be supplied in  1kW  and  500  W  versions.  The  transmitter comes  as  a  complete  package  with  an  exciter,  power supply,  power  amplifier,  interconnecting  cables  and  all required rack mount hardware.

    The 4075 linear amplifier is designed and engineered for modern communications  which  are  heavily  data orientated, requiring the equipment to work at high duty cycles  for  extended  periods  of  time.  The  unique  liquid cooled design increases cooling efficiency resulting in less system  deterioration  due  to  overheating  in  the  power stages, extending overall equipment service life.

    The compact rack mounted amplifier, together with its power supply occupies just 5U of cabinet space. The Barrett 4075 amplifier natively supports the Barrett 4050 Transceiver/Exciter which when coupled requires no further tuning or adjustment. A flexible I/O interface and analogue ALC feedback provide the transceiver/exciter full control over final output power. Intelligent electronic controls protect the 4075 from input and output overload while providing a sophisticated early warning and a diagnostic interface for system monitoring and event logging. Customisable auxiliary ports are also available for enhanced system control.

    The 4075 system is field re-programmable via USB allowing the end user to update system software. An on-board micro SD card provides enhanced flexibility for display customisation and event logging.

    The Barrett ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program ensures consistent performance and the highest reliability.