Commercial Electronics Corp.  

San Antonio,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1458

Commercial Electronics offers HigherGround voice recording systems which includes Reporting and QA; iNEMSOFT interoperability communication solutions; and QA solutions including consulting and 3rd party call review. We are committed to providing innovative communication technologies and services Nationwide to Public Safety. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7.


  • iNEMSOFT Classone Radio/Phone Mobile Communication
    Quickly mobilize mission-critical communications to respond to community threats with CLASSONE® Radio/Phone Mobile Communication. Respond in real-time by connecting immediately and reliably to dispatch, EOC, PD, FD, local utilities, school campuses....

  • Orchestrate an effective, cross-agency response

    iNEMSOFT simplifies the frustrating task of communicating across organizations and agencies. By bridging incompatible radios, telephones and cell phones, we enable first responders to communicate seamlessly as part of one well-coordinated team. You’ll be able to orchestrate even the largest-scale emergency response across multiple organizations – connecting tiers of first responders and dispatchers across a broad range of technologies and geographical regions.


    • Communicate with first responders regardless of their radio or voice system.
    • Link public safety answering points, emergency call centers and emergency operations centers.
    • Capture caller and location identification to expedite emergency response.
    • Integrate dispatch centers with phone networks, intercom systems, and hotlines.
    • Send outbound alerts.
    • Establish large-scale conferences from a software-based dispatch console.
    • Route calls to a specific responder or groups of responders.