Hamilton NG911, Inc.  

Aurora,  NE 
United States
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Hamilton NG911 provides reliable and innovative Next Generation 9-1-1 core services utilizing a robust infrastructure and experience in mission critical IT service and support solutions. Hamilton is dedicated to helping public safety officials deliver a 9-1-1 service that allows emergency communications networks to accommodate modern communication mediums.


  • Text Solutions
    Hamilton NG911 equips PSAPs with the capability to receive text communications, including SMS, MMS and RTT, from all wireless carriers on one platform and outbound text end-users.<br />...

  • From SMS to Real-Time Text (RTT), PSAPs can now implement field-proven technology to ensure ease of use and quick results. This Text to 9-1-1 platform allows PSAPs to add text communication to existing Phase II calls. Hamilton equips PSAPs with reliable text solutions from RTT to SMS, as well as TextConnect by Hamilton. Through Next Generation focused innovations, Hamilton NG911 meets the needs of modern-day emergency technology.