Exhibitor FAQs

AGE RESTRICTIONS - Are there any age restrictions to get into the exhibit hall?
For safety and liability reasons, ASCO does not permit any children 18 years of age or younger at any time in the Oncology Professionals Hall.

ANCILLARY EVENTS – Is there a fee to ASCO for holding an Ancillary Event?
No. Once your
Ancillary Event request is approved, you will work with the hotel regarding cost. To learn more about Ancillary Event guidelines, please visit here.

ATTENDEE LIST - How can I obtain a pre-show attendee list?
The mailing list can be rented through
INFOCUS Marketing

BADGES (exhibitors) - How many badges are included in our registration?
Please refer to the
Exhibit Space Package information page.

COSTS - What other costs can I expect in addition to my booth space:
Required: Booth Carpet

Most exhibitors will incur/need:

  • Material handling
  • Shipping charges
  • Booth furnishings (i.e. draped tables, chairs, etc)
  • Electric/Phone/Internet connection

If applicable:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Meals

DEADLINES - What deadlines do I need to keep in mind as an exhibitor?
Please refer to the
Deadline Checklist for further information.  

DEMOGRAPHICS - What is the demographic breakdown of attendees?
The 2016 attendee demographics can be found 

EXHIBITOR SERVICE MANUAL - When will I receive my Exhibitor Service Manual?
Exhibitor Service Manual is now available.

EXHIBITS SCHEDULE - What are this year's move-in, move-out, and exhibit hours?
Move in and move out schedules will be found in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

Exhibits Open* (subject to change)

Saturday, June 3 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday, June 4 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday, June 5  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

GIVEAWAYS - My giveaway was approved at a previous ASCO meeting; do I need to submit it for approval again?
Yes. All giveaways must be submitted for approval for each ASCO meeting, regardless of prior approval.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS - How can I make hotel reservations? What are the cut-off dates and what are the room rates?
Exhibitor hotel reservation information can be found

REGISTRATION –  How can I register our booth personnel?
Exhibitor registration will be available through the 
Exhibitor Resource Center. Additional information is also p[rovided on the Registration Information page.  

LEAD RETRIEVAL -  What is “lead retrieval”? How do I order for my booth?
Lead retrieval technology allows you to track attendees that enter your booth. If you have questions or would like to order lead retrieval, please visit
Direct Lead or contact 703-995-1880, directlead@spargoinc.com.

SESSION ACCESS – Will my exhibitor badge allow me access to sessions?  If not, how do I get access?
Exhibitor Badges do not give exhibitors access to Meeting sessions. Exhibitor Badges allow exhibitors entrance into the Oncology Professionals Hall, Opening Session, Plenary Session and Posters. Exhibitors wishing to attend sessions must purchase an Exhibitor Attendee Badge. An Exhibitor Attendee Badge allows the same access to the Hall as Exhibitor Badges, but also includes access to sessions. 

SHIPPING INFORMATION – How do I ship to the Meeting?
Please refer to the
shipping information page for further details.

WIFI - Will there be wireless internet access?
Complimentary WiFi is not available on the exhibit floor. Exhibitors can purchase VIP Wireless Service from McCormick Place to gain access to WiFi on the exhibit floor. Please see the Internet order form for more information. Meeting attendees may access wireless internet throughout McCormick Place, including all common hallways, food courts, and sessions rooms.