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GlobalQ, as a third-party global aggregation platform for medical comment, with multi-site global medical information display and a large number of real users' medical comments, can let Chinese users directly and quickly understand the global doctors/hospitals and service institutions, and affect users to accurately make international medical decisions. 1.The doctors/hospitals of GlobalQ: The purpose of GlobalQ is let you connect with more global doctors quickly. And as for the select of doctors, GlobalQ can guarantee the variety, reality and profession of doctors. 2.The evaluation of doctors in GlobalQ: In GlobalQ, you can see lots of IVF baby users to share their real experience. And these evaluations are based on real medical records of users to make sure reality and reference. GlobalQ lets you connect with global doctors at anytime and anywhere and let you see more real experience of foreign treatment.

 Press Releases

  • The clinic sharing of GlobalQ officially landed in Ningbo. GlobalQ has held Global doctors have something to tell you lecture series between May and June, inviting chief physicians of each department of Ningbo local hospitals and overseas experts to conduct a series of Chinese and foreign health lectures in order to develop the communication between Chinese and foreign doctors.

    So far, 6 lectures have been held during the activity Global doctors have something to tell you. Ningbo is home to GlobalQ. And GlobalQ (Ningbo) clinic sharing invited overseas doctors such as Professor Ren Muzhuo, Director of Digestive Internal Medicine and Endoscopy Center at Shibetsu Hospital in Japan, Dr. Wu Lawa, a specialist in Reproductive Medicine at Vejthani Hospital in Thailand and Ningbo local experts including Professor Dong Qinyong, Director of Digestive Internal Medicine at Ningbo Hospital, Ren Dingyong, the deputy Director of Digestive Internal Medicine at Affiliated Hospital of Ningbo University Medical College, Professor Zhao Min, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Center at Hospital 113 of the people's Liberation Army, Dr. Mao Wei, Deputy Director of Ophthalmology Of Ningbo Ophthalmology Hospital, Dr. Yu Yingyan, former Vice President of Jiangdong Chinese Medical Hospital, with theme of gastric cancer, infertility, IVF baby, eye disease prevention and gynecology, jointly to carry out science education, popularize relevant health knowledge, and promote Sino-foreign medical exchanges.

    These lectures attracted many users friends to attend to listen and consult. Domestic and foreign doctors explained from different dimensions in detail, helped everyone present to have a correct understanding of relative illness prevention and enhanced our awareness for health. Besides, overseas experts provided one-to-one healthy consultation and professional suggestion for present users who need.

    At the beginning of the Global doctors have something to tell you lecture series, the CEO of GlobalQ, Mrs. Zhao Yuexi introduced the significance of the lecture: To make global health care benefit more Chinese users. Clinic sharing of GlobalQ (Ningbo) can help domestic and foreign excellent doctors to get legitimate promotion, users can have face-to-face consultation with doctors, not only to ease the tension of domestic medical resources, but also pay more attention to the user's consulting experience.

    Since founded in 2013, GlobalQ has been endeavoring to establish a channel where Chinese users can connect directly with overseas medical institutions and domestic/foreign medical services, making global medical information and services more transparent. GlobalQ first global medical clinic sharing in Ningbo provides medical support for foreign doctors to come to China for short-term medical practice, and Chinese users can get face-to-face treatment and consultation with global doctors in GlobalQ clinic sharing.

    During Global doctors have something to tell you lecture series, the user friends who have needs of consultation can take their cases to consult doctors. For each user's case, overseas doctors will let users know their own healthy condition and treatment needs according to the detailed explanation from the etiology, pathology and treatment.

  • At 1 p.m., Zhao Yuexi, on the second floor of a slightly industrial-style office building in Sanlitun, had just finished a conference call with investors. At present, her entrepreneurship program, GlobalQ, is in the period of revision, and the whiteboard in the conference room is covered with product systems and plans for the near future.

    She says she often talks more and more excited, just as she is addicted. Since entering the international medical market in 2013, GlobalQ has gradually transformed itself from an intermediary service agency into a promotion channel of offline global medical resources, and she hopes to help foreign medical resources serve the domestic market so that patients can communicate with doctors face-to-face.

    The team set up the offline tentacle --- the first global medical clinic sharing has landed in Ningbo. It undertakes overseas doctors' domestic promotion needs and users can appoint and pay online. If the users reach a certain amount, overseas doctors will come to China and open a presentation to let users inquire and consult.

    At present, the team, mainly from assisted reproduction, tumor and other diseases projects, docks promotion needs of doctors from the United States, Japan and other places.

    That's just the first step in her plan. After the model became quite routine, Zhao Yuexi plans to expand the global medical clinic sharing, consulting stores, and even establish global medical sharing hospitals, so as to ease the tension of domestic medical resources.

    Let domestic patients have one more medical choice.

    Wearing a set of silver gray suits, Zhao Yuexi, who has pixie haircut, gives the impression that she is capable and refined. It is difficult to imagine that she is a mother of a two-year-old child, and after work, she also runs her own Wechat cartoon official accounts “Yuexi is a mother.”

    Although she is thin, she is a master of sports. She is good at tennis, golf, likes heavy mountain climbing, and her favorite is skiing. She and her husband got to know each other because of that.

    That year, because she often went skiing in Hokkaido, Japan, Zhao Yuexi contacted with Japan's medical services mainly medical examination at that time. She also took her parents and friends to experience. During travelling, they had medical examination in passing, everyone was pleasant.

    It was also like a link between her and global health services. After leaving Shell in 2013, she opened a medical service intermediary, focusing on Japanese high-end medical examination services. Customers came to experience mainly through word of mouth, and more than 400 customers were severed in more than two years. And the price of each customer is about more than 100,000 Yuan.

    “It was a very comfortable time.” Zhao Yuexi recalled that the team was no more than five people without too much promotion, and just doing a small business to make money made everyone feel very happy.

    However, she was dissatisfied with the status quo, so she had the idea of transformation. One of the reasons was from customer demand, “If users really check out some illness, they will have the needs to go abroad for medical treatment. But they must want to bypass the domestic intermediaries like ours at that time and directly contact with foreign service agencies and medical institutions”; And the another reason was from the influence of her husband who worked for a network company as an executive. In his view, the domestic global medical market seemed as many years ago outbound travel market that users could not directly access the terminal resources, so travel agencies became a kind of need. But information transparency was the trend of the future, at that time travel agencies would become a choice of users to look for convenience, and foreign treatment may be as simple as an independent overseas travel.

    This made Zhao Yuexi have deep feeling. In 2015 she began to transform from an intermediary service, trying to establish online information matching platform to target the “public comments” of global medical field. In her mind, her original intention was the same as when she founded the intermediary service agency, “let Chinese users have one more medical option.”

    Open self-employed clinics

    Which one came first, chicken or egg? Like the anxiety of many channel-type entrepreneurs, Zhao Yuexi was also worried about this problem for a time. To obtain global high-quality medical resources, they need strong domestic acquiring customers’ channels, but as for domestic acquiring customers, they also need to build trust between users and channels.

    Thus, in early 2015, the team groped and started out from the information matching. And the team firstly organized, classified, and labeled main foreign medical resources, doctor information of America and Japan. Users can quickly find the hospital rankings, doctor information, and contact information of hospitals for the required departments on the platform. In addition to hospitals, domestic and foreign intermediary service agencies were also included in the content of the platform.

    But how to enter into services and transactions from information? Unlike many organizations, she has shifted her focus from C-side users to B-side medical institutions to help global medical resources to be promoted in Chinese market.

    This was based on her understanding of the BD process at a foreign medical facility. “Foreign doctors and medical institutions want to serve the domestic market, but they do not know how to promote legally. And they also don’t know how to start.”

    Zhao Yuexi, who majored in law, also paid more attention to this. In the early stage, through online knowledge payment, live streaming and other methods, she learned that the user's most urgent need was face-to-face consultation with the doctors. How to make the process legally and the experience better cost her three months of efforts.

    Since the middle of last year, GlobalQ team, together with one well-known accounting and law firm, has issued a guide with 50,000 words to guide overseas medical institutions entering China legally. In her view, this is the basis for the team's follow-up services. “Global medical resources are useful complements to China's medical care, but they should be landed in healthily under the government's norms, rather than pursuing business and impacting on China's medical care with basic social security functions.”

    Now communicating with foreign medical institutions, she will carry this guide with her, hoping that this legal report will relieve them of their worries.

    Today, models are beginning to take shape. GlobalQ's first global medical clinic sharing, two consulting stores are landing in Ningbo. The team intends from assisted reproduction, tumour and other fields, to achieve foreign doctors and domestic patients’ face-to-face consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

    And at the early stage, acquiring customers will through offline store consultation and online promotion. In addition to global medical clinic sharing, the team plans to land 15 to 20 consulting stores this year, and the number of stores will reach 100 in her plan, Zhao said.

    But global medical clinic sharing and consulting stores are just the first steps in her strategic plan, and she hopes that after the model becomes quite routine, the team can build hospitals sharing to solve a range of problems for Chinese users of global medical resource services.

    “At that time, the model will be global medical real estate and property services.” She said with a smile.

  • In the past 5 years, China set off an upsurge of treatment abroad and many domestic high net worth people chose to go abroad to accept advanced and cutting-edge medical skills. Today, China is in line with the world, and the various undertakings of communication gradually step into the world. In such a large context, going abroad to treat the disease is also gradually carried out, people are no longer confined to the domestic treatment, but with a glimmer of hope to extend the scope to overseas medical treatment.

    Among China and Europe and other prosperous countries, the gap of the medical skills still exists. Especially America in the medical field is number one in the world, and new skills and new drugs spring up the medical community from time to time. There exist great advantages in the treatment of many difficult and complicated diseases. That is also the main reason why people choose to go abroad to treat the disease. In the face of serious life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, people often want to rekindle the light of life through cutting-edge high-end therapeutic techniques.

    So how to go abroad and accept overseas medical treatment? Comparing to the things in a vast world, many people are in a foreign country with strange environment and language. And a lot of things they don't know.

    In such a great environment, a lot of overseas referral agencies emerge, but we can't tell the truth only according to apparent understanding. So when people face many institutions, how to choose?

    Firstly, people usually need to think about common questions and they worry about they can't get used to the traditions and atmosphere of other countries before they go abroad. Overseas referral agencies need to know the long-distance travel of hardships and pain caused by diseases of patients, and strive to bring warm services to patients in all aspects of food, clothing, transportation and living, so that the process of all overseas treatments is easy.

    Secondly, people are worried about language barrier and can't communicate to stop disease treatment. GlobalQ thinks that the quality of medical translation is related to the life of patients. The translation of each case should be collected and compiled by the Translation Department, audited by the Department of Internal Control, and finally sent to the relevant professional clinical doctor of medicine of overseas business department to give final validation, strictly in accordance with the U.S. case norms. Only such translation process can people ensure that the 100% disease information of patients can be conveyed accurately. Although tough translation process seems cumbersome, it is the most critical part of the period of treatment abroad.

    GlobalQ, as a third-party global aggregation platform for medical comment, with multi-site global medical information display and a large number of real users' medical comments, can let Chinese users directly and quickly understand the global doctors/hospitals and service institutions, and affect users to accurately make international medical decisions. In terms of medical resources, it is necessary to collaborate with the world's top 10 hospitals. As for different diseases, people can select hospitals with different characters and eventually appoint the most authoritative experts.

    Life is the most important and it is necessary to be strict and prudent in looking at the questions of life. During the period of overseas treatment, people should be careful and considerate and caring to our patients. The whole treatment process should be better and better, and the patients should be accompanied fully and be paid attention to their needs all the time, so-called butler-style service.

    Science and technology are developing, and human well-being has always been an issue for us to face together. As to the treatment of serious diseases, the pace of exploration never stops. With great efforts, keeping away from disease is not a dream.

  • During trail operation of GlobalQ clinic sharing, we held a series of health lectures.

    This activity we invited Professor Dong Qinyong, Director of Digestive Internal Medicine at Ningbo Mingzhou Hospital, and Professor Ren Muzhuo, a well-known Japanese digestive disease expert, to give people a Chinese-Japanese health lecture.

    Before the lecture, the host warmly introduced two doctors and spread the core concept of GlobalQ: let GlobalQ benefit more Chinese users and provide one more medical option for everyone.

    The CEO of GlobalQ, Zhao Yuexi introduced the GlobalQ in detail. GlobalQ is committed to establishing a channel for overseas hospitals to promote their own with the model of offline global medical clinic sharing, global medical consulting experience stores and online service, so that Chinese users can directly connect with overseas medical resources. And “let GlobalQ benefit more Chinese users” has been its mission since GlobalQ was founded in 2013.

    At the site of activity, Director Dong Qinyong promoted the prevention of digestive internal medical diseases and called on everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Following Dong Qinyong, Professor Ren Muzhuo, a well-known Japanese digestive disease expert, has popularized the professional knowledge about the prevention and treatment of stomach cancer.

    After the lecture, people interacted with the doctor on their own digestive problems.

    This activity not only lets everyone have a better understanding of their own health, but also promotes the exchange of Chinese and Japanese doctors.

    The lecture of Global Medical (Ningbo) clinic sharing and Sino-Japan Digestive Internal Medicine Experts Exchange was held as scheduled and the main purpose of China-Japan Digestive Internal Medicine Experts Exchange held by GlobalQ is let global health care benefit more Chinese users. At the beginning of the activity, the CEO of GlobalQ, Zhao Yuexi told everyone that GlobalQ is committed to establishing a channel for Chinese users to connect directly with overseas hospital services, so that the whole nation's medical information and services became more transparent.

    In the GlobalQ (Ningbo) clinic sharing, users can consult with doctors from all over the world face-to-face and also can participate in various medical presentations organized by doctors from all over the world.

    At the site of activity, as for some similarities and differences on the Chinese and Japanese digestive internal medicine, a round-table meeting was held. Some differences in Chinese and Japanese treatment and diagnosis and the need of eliminating Helicobacter Pylori were explored, while questions from users were answered in detail.

    At the end of the lecture, the field users had one-to-one consultations with Professor Ren Muzhuo on their needs.

    GlobalQ integrates global medical resources, provides better medical services for Chinese patients. With the model of offline medical clinic sharing and online services, GlobalQ provides Chinese users with face-to-face consultations with foreign experts, remote Internet consultations, overseas treatment and other comprehensive medical services.

  • On the afternoon of January 6, 2017, the Capital Institute of Paediatric launched the “Help Children in CIP to Realize Dream with Our Love” Love Fair which was held in the Sunshine Hall of Tianya Building. 27 love units participated in the activity with a total of 24484 Yuan raised on the spot, and these funds will be donated to children who suffer from serious illness and family poverty.

    Liu Zhongxun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Capital Institute of Paediatric, attended the scene and delivered a welcoming speech. And he said “As a well-known children's specialized hospital in whole nation, the Capital Institute of Paediatric is undertaking the medical treatment of children with difficult and complicated diseases in Beijing and all over the country. Many of the children we receive with serious diseases come from remote mountainous areas, and although their families are in very poor financial conditions, parents are willing to give all of their care for their children. In the face of their thirst for life, the CIP staffs in addition to constantly improve professional skills and business level to help children regain health, but also want to do something within their power. With its own public service attributes, GlobalQ has its duty to do that.”

    Because there is no real goods in GlobalQ, the CEO of GlobalQ, Mrs. Zhao Yuexi donated things which were originally bought for her daughter. She said that when we lost something, we had the chance to get things again, but those children only lived once. The atmosphere of the sale scene was especially hot. After the opening at 11 a.m., our booth was gathered with a lot of people, so most goods in front of our booth were snapped up in a moment.

    The fair attracted hospital staffs, surrounding units and community residents to participate in. 27 units donated nearly 7,000 goods which were rushed to subscribe. A total of 24484 Yuan was raised on site, and unsold goods will be conducted online secondary sale for charity.


  • GlobalQ Platform
    GlobalQ lets you connect with global doctors at anytime and anywhere and let you see more real experience of foreign treatment....

  • GlobalQ, as a third-party global aggregation platform for medical comment, with multi-site global medical information display and a large number of real users' medical comments, can let Chinese users directly and quickly understand the global doctors/hospitals and service institutions, and affect users to accurately make international medical decisions.

    Due to the speciality of medical treatment, GlobalQ will ensure the reality, preciseness and objectivity of medical treatment at information showing and users comment and other respects.

  • The doctors/hospitals of GlobalQ
    The purpose of GlobalQ is let you connect with more global doctors quickly. And as for the select of doctors, GlobalQ can guarantee the variety, reality and profession of doctors....

  • GlobalQ invites IVF doctors and hospitals from America, Thailand, Russia, Cambodia, Malaysia and other countries to enter, realizing the abundance and variety of doctors and hospitals. As to the qualification of all doctors and hospitals in GlobalQ, GlobalQ has inducted strict screening and makes sure they provide real and accurate medical licenses to guarantee GlobalQ users facing real and professional doctors and hospitals.

  • The evaluation of doctors in GlobalQ
    In GlobalQ, you can see lots of IVF baby users to share their real experience. And these evaluations are based on real medical records of users to make sure reality and reference....

  • In GlobalQ, you can also see the real interaction between Chinese users and doctors during overseas IVF treatment. And through Chinese users you can also see site inspection, treatment and operation in hospitals, the real scene of overseas travelling, and their feeling and experience of mind course and plan for pregnancy.