InteGen LLC  

Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1054

InteGen develops innovative, clinically useful, and cost-effective DNA FISH probes for the cytogenetics community. We offer multi-color metaphase and interphase chromosome profiling, including our Rapid FISH with 15-minute hybridization. InteGen FISH probes 1) detect balanced, unbalanced, and Robertsonian translocations, 2) provide high-resolution breakpoint assignment, 3) characterize marker and add chromosomes, and 4) detect balanced and unbalanced sub-telomere rearrangements. Our multiplex rehybridization protocol makes complete molecular profiling on a single circulating tumor cell possible, while our rapid hybridization allows same-day results, permitting fresh embryo transfer for IVF patients. With multiple-sequential hybridizations and a simple two dual filter detection system, you will be able to achieve comprehensive genome coverage/profiling with our probes on as few as a single cell.