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Founded in 2013 by experts in assisted reproductive technology, IVFqc provides secure cloud-based services that promote efficiency, effectiveness, data analysis, and reporting capabilities for any laboratory or facility. Our applications adapt to any workflow and feature individual user accounts, two-factor authentication, HIPAA-compliance, intuitive self-customizable functionality, and universal accessibility with internet-connected devices. Used independently or in combination with each other, Reflections, Generations, Diro, SquareOne, and Kaleasy enable specialists to assess key performance indicators over time, monitor instrument quality control, and develop insights into operational processes in order to inform clinical decision-making. They propel analytics, research, and discovery, and empower comprehensive data, resource, time, and practice management. For more information, please visit ivfqc.com.


  • Reflections
    Created by IVFqc, Reflections is a cloud-based application that brings IVF and any laboratory instrument quality-control monitoring into the digital era. No more checklists, no more clipboards....

  • The only application of its kind in the field of assisted reproductive technology, Reflections empowers users to create unique QC log plans, enter data directly from smart equipment or manually with any internet-connected device, receive automatic alerts, track corrective actions, generate comprehensive reports on equipment performance, and prepare for audits and inspections—on-site and remotely, day and night.

    Please visit our website for more information and sign up for a 14-day free trial.

  • Generations
    Created by IVFqc, Generations reinvents the electronic medical database, patient care, and reporting. It simplifies record-keeping and integrates with other IVFqc applications to form a comprehensive, next generation practice-management solution....

  • Clinicians, nurse coordinators, and laboratory staff spend too much time on data-entry. Generations aims to address this problem.

    Power-Customization® enables user-mediated modifications of any aspect, changes in procedures, parameters, and observations at will. Users may easily design new forms; write or dictate searchable clinical notes to create vertical timelines; upload documents and images to patient files; and generate insightful patient, staff, KPI, and outcome reports immediately with any internet-connected device. Ultrasound and blood laboratory connectivity available.

    Please visit ivfqc.com for more information and generationsapp.net for a free demonstration.

  • Diro
    Created by IVFqc and now in beta, Diro—“Data in, Reports Out”—is a powerful data analytics and reporting application that processes any CSV file for any electronic database. Imagine!...

  • Users may create custom functions, filters, and graphs; combine parameters from clinic, laboratory, administrative, demographic, and research data; and generate custom reports to understand their data in new and insightful ways. These individually created reports can be saved, updated, filtered, and adapted to accommodate new data.

    With Diro, the entire ART data set is now customizable, analyzable, and reportable.

    Please visit ivfqc.com for more information and diroapp.net for a free demonstration.