Fuji,  Shizuoka 
  • Booth: 1613

BRONZE LEVEL SUPPORTER - Kitazato is a Japanese development-oriented company which assists total fertility treatment with our wide range of products for IUI, IVF, Cryo and PGD. Our highest survival rate of Cryotop® method, as well as our quality catheters and needles ensures the most ideal treatment to all professional doctors and embryologists.

 Press Releases

  • Gather at KITZATO booth for oocyte vitrificaiton workshop! The workshop will be held from 10am to 5pm (the last day is untill 12:30) every day during exhibition days. One session is for an hour, and our embryologist will answer to every question you have to improve your results. Sign up at our booth, #1316. We highly appriciate your participation.


  • Cryotop and Kitazato Vitrification Media
    Kitazato vitrification media are entirely synthetic and the most versatile option for cryopreservation in your laboratory. The same vitrification media can be used for oocytes and embryos in all their stages of development....

  • Kitazato is the pioneer that brought vitrification technique into Human Reproduction. We remain to be the leader in the field with Cryotop® Method, that has been applied in over 1,500,000 clinical cases in 100 countries and 2,200 assisted reproduction centers.
  • Kitazato Hypure™ Oil
    Hypure™ Oil is the new standard and provides an optimal high-purity paraffin oil to cover culture media for in vitro fertilization and ICSI procedures....

  • Two versions; light and heavy oil are available. Both are highly pure, come in light shielding glass and ready to used, prewashed two times.