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ATA19 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

Increase brand exposure to top leaders who are designing the future of modern healthcare.

The ATA19 Annual Conference & Expo convenes thousands of healthcare leaders and is focused exclusively on telemedicine. This year, we will celebrate 26 years of success gathering thousands of leaders committed to improving healthcare delivery. Sponsoring at ATA19 is the perfect opportunity to find new business, raise your organization’s profile, and achieve greater brand visibility among those driving the telehealth profession.

Browse available options below and find the perfect Sponsorship or Branding Opportunity for your company at ATA19.

A&D Medical 1503 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Acetiam Corp 2116 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Acumentrics Corporation 2013 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Advanced ICU Care 1719 TwitterLinkedIn
AiTmed Inc 1712 FacebookLinkedIn
Akinox Solutions Inc. 2021 LinkedIn
Alumni Healthcare Staffing 1728 LinkedIn
AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. 1927 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Amwell 1017 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Andesfit Limited 2132
Anelto/Anelto Health 817 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Applied Perceptions LLC 2328
ATA 1727
Avera eCARE 1817 Upgraded LinkedIn
Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co., Ltd 1604
BL Healthcare 2417 Facebook
Blink Session IZ1 FacebookLinkedIn
Blue Cirrus Consulting 927 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Bluestream Health 1730
BMJ 1608 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Bright.MD 1034 TwitterLinkedIn
Canfield Scientific, Inc. 510 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CANON U.S.A Inc. 519
Care Innovations 1912 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CareClix 1337 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Carefluence 2009 TwitterLinkedIn
Caregility 2333 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Center for Credentialing & Education 503
Certified Languages International 1237 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Chetu, Inc. 1600 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CirrusMD 933 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Cisco Systems, Inc. SPONSORS Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Cloud DX 1708 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CMI Health 1807 Facebook
Community eConsult Network 1531
Compunetix, Inc. 2234 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd. 1610
Continuity Health Solutions IZ18 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Curatess - Care Delivery Platform 2005 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CureCompanion 1035
Current 829 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Data Medic Specialists IZ17
DialCare 809 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Dictum Health Inc. 1511 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Doxiva IZ9 TwitterLinkedIn
Eagle Telemedicine 506 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Eating Recovery Center/Insight Behavioral Health 1528 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
eClinicalWorks 613 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
eimageglobal Inc 2101
Eko 1619 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Electronic Caregiver 1703
EPOWERdoc, Inc. 2112 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
eVisit 908 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Eyenuk Inc. 906 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Firefly Global 1334 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Fitango Health 1631 FacebookLinkedIn
Foley & Lardner LLP 2027 TwitterLinkedIn
ForaCare 1829 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Frozen Mountain Software 930 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
GCX Corporation 1605 TwitterLinkedIn
GenieMD, Inc. 1831 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Global Partnership for Telehealth 1032 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
GlobalMed 907 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Great Call 1526 TwitterLinkedIn
Gryphon Healthcare 1801
Health Recovery Solutions 1429 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
HealthCare Appraisers, Inc. 2033
healthPiper 1527
Hifinite 936 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Hodei Technology 500 LinkedIn
Howard Medical 1836 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
innovaTel Telepsychiatry 811 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
InSight + Regroup 618 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Intel Corporation SPONSORS TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, LLC (IRIS) 2001 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
INTERnational Fingerprint, Inc 521
InTouch Health 2216 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
InTouch Health MR2 Upgraded
Iris Telehealth 600
Iron Bow Technologies 701 Twitter
Jackson & Coker 1239
JEDMED 917 FacebookLinkedIn
Jiangxi Yeeroo Indurstrial Co., LTD IZ16 Facebook
Jones Day SPONSORS TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Jones Walker LLP SPONSORS Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
KPMG LLP 2016 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
LanguageLine Solutions 1609 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
LifeBot Health, Inc 1704 LinkedIn
LifeScience Technologies, LLC 501 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
LocumTenens.com 2011 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Loyola University Chicago School of Law 1501
Lumens Integration Inc. 1427 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Lund Industries, Inc. 2319 Facebook
Mackay Communications 912 LinkedIn
Massachusetts General Hospital 827
MasteringTelehealth.com IZ20 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MCIS Language Services 1627 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MDLIVE 2127 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Media Network Services (MNS) IZ2 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MediOrbis IZ7 TwitterFacebook
Med-Link Staffing Inc. 1711 TwitterLinkedIn
Medocity 1629 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Medpod, Inc 1319
MedSpoke IZ4 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MedTech International Group 1700
Medweb 1919
Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance 2104
MetaOptima Technology Inc. 932 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MinXray, Inc. 910 TwitterLinkedIn
MobileHelp 1602 TwitterLinkedIn
MouthWatch 514 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MyApps Corp. IZ12 FacebookLinkedIn
MYidealDOCTOR 2429 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Nason Group 2233 TwitterLinkedIn
National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers 619 TwitterFacebook
National Council of State Boards of Nursing 1702
NeuroFlow 1529 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Nexmo 1027 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
NIDEK CO., LTD. 1235
NONIN MEDICAL, INC. 1601 FacebookLinkedIn
NuView Health 2120
Ochsner Health 717
OrthoLive, Inc. 1431 FacebookLinkedIn
Papa, Inc. IZ10 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
PercuVision IZ14
Pexip, Inc. 601 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Pixameter Corp IZ19
Planned Parenthood Federation of America 1928 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Poly 1336 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ProAssurance 2018 TwitterLinkedIn
Professional Risk Management Services (PRMS) 2311 TwitterLinkedIn
Pro-PLUS SA 1813 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Providence St. Joseph Health 2107 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
PsychU 1505 TwitterLinkedIn
PTZOptics 1930 Facebook
Regroup 1726 TwitterLinkedIn
Resideo Life Care Solutions 926 TwitterLinkedIn
Rhinogram 1327
Safety Labs IZ3
Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc. 2326
Shift Administrators Llc 1934 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SimpleDoc IZ5 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SimpleVisit IZ15 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SnapMD 1137 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SOC Telemed 1127 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Sound Telemedicine 1926 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Strongarm Healthcare 520 TwitterFacebook
Suquino Inc 1709
TalkPath Live 2315
Teladoc Health 1517 TwitterLinkedIn
Teladoc Health MR1
Telehealth Suite IZ13 LinkedIn
TelehealthVillage 1827
Telemedicine AI 1626
The Doctors' Insurance Agency 2012
The TeleDentists 2135 LinkedIn
TheraV, Inc IZ11 Facebook
Think Biosolution 1913 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Thinklabs Medical 1917 TwitterFacebook
Topcon Healthcare Solutions 1612 TwitterLinkedIn
Total Triage 813
Trapollo 709 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Tryten 2108 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Tyto Care 513 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
United Concierge Medicine Virtual ER 1713 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
URAC 1509 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
URAC 1628 TwitterLinkedIn
Value Institute for Health and Care 1710
ValueHD Corporation 1530
VectraCor, Inc. 2017
VeeMed 2427
Virtual Medical Staff 2419
VitalConnect, Inc. 1611
ViTel Net 801 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Vivify Health 2327 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Volk Optical 1701 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
VSee 727 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
WatchRx, Inc. IZ8 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Webaround 1839 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
WithHealth, Inc. IZ6 TwitterLinkedIn
Zipnosis 1217 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Zoom 1227 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn